A hairy day

The evidence:

The victim:
(now sporting a mullet)

The perpetrator (also a victim of his own crime):

Case Closed:

Goodbye hair. We will miss you!

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16 thoughts on “A hairy day

  1. It must look worse from the back because I was going to say it doesn't look too bad. Then I saw the last photo where you had it cut more. At least she's smiling in the last photo! 🙂

  2. So sad! Hopefully it doesn't scar her…I had a short pixie cut after an unfortunate encounter with scissors from Grandma…thought she knew what she was doing, but didn't. Now I won't cut my hair above my chin.

  3. That has to be Jasper (the perp), but he looks SO much like Finn there! What a big sad face!

    Are you SURE the Perp was Jasper, and that Ada wasn't pulling a "Jennie blames Arianne, and Arianne lets her" on you? I mean, can a 2 year old really handle scissors that well? I know Ada can!

    She actually looks pretty cute.

  4. nice recovery, anyway.

    we still tell stories about when #3 had a bit too much fun w/ the scissors. ah, and #1, now that i think about it.

  5. The new haircut is brilliant! I had that happen several times with my kids—and yes, they had short hair to show for it!!

  6. Oh my gosh 🙂 Been there done that with my kids. We moved to a new state… and a new school with my kindergartener who had just cut her bangs literally to her scalp. I'll never forget it!!!

  7. Oh man. I honestly think Jasper's hair cut looked worse!

    Also, Ada needs some layers or something. Her hair looks like mine did in 1987. No offense.

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