Computers can just bite me!

It started out so simply:

I gave India an itunes gift card for her birthday.  She has a snazzy blue ipod that she bought all by herself with her babysitting money.  So what a great gift, right?

I’m tired of having her music on my computer (Happy Feet soundtrack anyone?)
So I said, “India, let’s put all your music on your computer.”
Easy, peasy, right?

Mister had to use all his computer cunning to outsmart itunes and its stingy ways (One registered computer, indeed!)

But he figured it out.
Only her Mac is too archaic to work with the newest itunes.  Or something like that.

So after listening to her cry (honest to goodness tears! Tears over itunes!), I said “fine!  You can download some songs yet again onto my itunes and I’ll just burn you a disc.”

I attempted to open the itunes store, which I used last week, and there was some idiotic message about requiring a new version of Safari.

Whatever.  It’s a free download.  Who cares.

Only Safari won’t work because now I need the new 10.whatever update to my Mac OS (to further the confusion I also have to remember which exotic cat my OS is named after.  Do I have Leopard? Siberian Tiger? Ocelot? Serval?)

But wouldn’t you know, I don’t have enough hard drive space for the new OS update.  You see, I have the ever-so-charming Mac Book Air.  It’s so cute and skinny and light.  But it is gutless.  And it has about as much memory as I do (which is to say, hardly any).  “Do you think the 3000 high res photos I have might be causing a problem?” I asked Mister.  He just rolled his eyes and handed me a blank DVD, which led to a discussion of how I don’t know how to burn photos onto a DVD. The discussion ended with me flouncing off saying, “fine, see if I ever help you with anything ever again!”

Instead of burning a DVD, I just edited my photos and deleted 800 not-so-great images.  
Still not good enough to earn a download of 10.7.whatever.

At that point I shut my computer and said to India, “how about I get that itunes gift card back and just give you $25 instead?”

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10 thoughts on “Computers can just bite me!

  1. SAME!!!!!! I have the version Mac OS KITTYCAT because it is so old it was made before the exotic cats.
    what to do, what to do.

  2. Why is it that some of the things that seem so simple in theory can end up being major computer extravaganzas!!


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