Real live Mormons!

I came across a pretty funny article yesterday. It was in The Brooklyn Paper in Brooklyn, NY (which you can read here).  I doubt it meant to be as funny as it is. The article describes how a Young Adult Ward spent the morning cleaning a local park and the pretty amusing reactions of the 20-something ubercool Brooklyn residents.  The best part of the piece? This chart comparing a local hipster doofus with one of the Mormon guys. I guess the winner of the “smackdown” depends on your viewpoint.

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12 thoughts on “Real live Mormons!

  1. The kid on the right is my worst fear as a mother of two boys, that's when I'll ask "where did I go wrong?". I can only hope for the nice kid on the left.

  2. Who reads their scriptures and goes straight to bed on a FRIDAY NIGHT??? Oh, wait. I know. A NERD. Way to make us look cool, Milton.

  3. I'm ticked that they left out the "Jesus Christ" part of the church's name at all opportunities.

    I liked that Justin Hipster said prayer was Non Applicable. Oh YEAH, Justin? You'll see!

    Hey, Rookie Cookie, wait until your daughter grows up. Then we'll see if you dis Peter Priesthood.

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