A few things

This is a post about some of the random things rattling around in my life right now.

  • There is a man with no teeth fixing my roof. He was quite charming and persuasive and I couldn’t resist his sales pitch even though I’m really into teeth. He informed me that he has “an eagle’s eye”, so I guess that makes up for the smile. (He also called me “doll” which should make me upset because it’s sexist and all that, but really I like it and think it’s cute.)

  • I meant to make bread today but I fell fast asleep for two hours after the big kids left for school. Dead asleep. Hmmm. I probably still have time to make bread. It’s really good. Maybe I’ll post the recipe.

  • I went over to my friend’s house yesterday and she gave me the grand tour of the new place. It was immaculate. Even her four kids’ closets. It made me depressed and I came home and cried. Especially when I found dog poo on my stairs. Maybe she’s just OCD or whatever, but it still makes me sad that my house will never in a million and a half years look that clean. And I can’t hate her for it because she’s nice and funny and a cool person.

  • I was just starting my freshman year of college 20 years ago. (Twenty years! Boy, I’m old) It was pretty much the funnest year of my life. The fun took it’s toll, however, and I got a .38 GPA my winter semester (Yes, folks, that’s a D+ average. What can I say? I had more important things going on–like acting crazy with my roommates and making out with my boyfriend.)  I think it’s really sad when kids don’t go away to school. Like when their parents make them live at home and go to community college for the first year or two. I don’t care how much money it saves. It’s just plain old sad.

  • This picture of me in college cracks me up.  Mostly because I loved Mtn. Dew even way back then. I’m kind of bummed that I didn’t have big 80’s hair (I was trying to be different.) That would make this picture a lot funnier. I showed this picture to my  husband and he said, “wow, you wore really bright clothes even back then.”  Yes, here is the evidence: (You can’t tell because of my dumpy clothes but I was actually super skinny.)

  • You would think that feeding all my kids peanut butter and jelly sandwiches would be easy; a no-brainer. It isn’t. They all have different preferences when it comes to the peanut butter/jelly ratio. Some hate jelly altogether (Arabella. Yuck), and some hate peanut butter (Ada. Yuck again). India prefers the peanut butter and jelly in equal proportions and York and Finn like it heavy on the peanut butter. Most of the time I just make the sandwiches all the same and figure the kids are too busy talking to their friends to notice.

  • Potty-training Jasper is not going so well. This is what I found wandering around while I was on the phone yesterday:

    (I tried to make this picture smaller so you wouldn’t throw up. I don’t know what the deal is with the green poop.)

    Sorry to end on such a yucky note, but that’s how it is around here lately.

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    15 thoughts on “A few things

    1. Okay, that is the greatest picture I have seen for a looong time…why? BECAUSE IT IS REAL LIFE FOLKS! That has happened to most of us, though few of us would admit it! I love your blog, it makes me laugh!
      My house is never as clean as I want to be either…I am trying to just face the facts that I would rather play on the internet then clean!! I keep up on the laundry and NEVER have dirty dishes in my sink…my kids are fed and happy and sleep in clean sheets. All is well.
      Thanks for the giggles!

    2. the picture of you made my day. love the outfit.

      is jasper eating fruit loops? might explain the green poops. doesn't look fun to clean up though.

      anytime you want to feel good about yourself, come to my house. you will go home thinking you are supermom, superwife and just a super person all around!

    3. The bathtub looks really clean to me! You must be doing a good job! 😉

      My kids don't like PB&J. What is wrong with them?!

    4. eeeeeeeeeeew.

      dont you ever worry that your naked child pics will get copied by sickos and circulated around in their little ring?

      welcome to my world of paranoia…. thanks to Oprah.

    5. Plain Jane, are most kiddie pervs into poop too? Cause that would be a turn-off to me even if I did like little boys.

      Jennie, I laughed out loud about coming home to your not-so-clean house and finding dog poop on the stairs on top of it. Sigh…your life is just not like your friend's.

    6. Great Blog, Jen! I laughed for 5 minutes. Also Echo Ari's point: What kind of perverted pervert could stay turned on with green poop all over?

      Yes, Jasper will LOATHE you for this! (Not that it isn't returned today. Oh, the life of a Mom!)

    7. A picture is worth a thousand words, isn't it?

      And don't you hate it when organized people are also nice and friendly and laidback? So not fair…

      And I totally get you on the sandwiches thing. How did I raise such fussy kids? Our problem is what number they like the toaster set on. And we didn't even have a toaster with different settings until 6 months ago!

    8. If a sicko is into a kid, I don't think he'd let the poo be a deterrent… Think about that! I am never ceased to be amazed at how sick people can be. Cant handle it.

      But thats a whole blog post in an of itself, right?

      Like I said, I am paranoid about pervs.

      Of course I laughed right out loud at the post though!

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