More tales from the toilet

I got out a giant jar of jelly beans this morning which can mean only one thing:  it’s potty-training time.  I usually wait until the hapless victim is three, but Jasper seems very savvy.  Or rather, he seemed very savvy. When I was potty-training Ada last year he was into wearing underwear and sitting on the toilet just like her.  But the newness has worn off and I can’t even get a pair of panties on that boy (all underwear is called panties at our house.  Regardless of the size of wearer or his/her gender, they are panties. Even for Mister.)   Now Jasper swats the panties away and won’t go to the bathroom in the toilet unless he’s naked and happens to be standing near one.

I missed my window of opportunity, didn’t I? [wailing] I couldn’t try to potty train two children at once.  I just couldn’t! That’s the whole point of not having twins.  If you have had a child for more than three years I don’t have to tell you how crappy potty-training is (pun intended).  It is gross and frustrating and makes me want to bang my head against the wall.  

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Jasper is my youngest.  The last time I will be potty training anyone.  

If I have to put the jelly beans away for a while, so be it.  But it will happen.  Oh yes, it will.  As much as I dread it.

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9 thoughts on “More tales from the toilet

  1. You are not alone in this potty training MADNESS!! I keep putting off potty training my fourth and FINAL little man! I HATE POTTY TRAINING and think boys are so much harder to train…go figure! THINK HOW GLORIOUS IT WILL BE TO BE DONE!! HOORAY! No more diapers! Good luck!

  2. How funny, we are potty training as well, lets just say that I am not sorry that I waited, not at all. one little chart with the reward of chuck e. cheese at the end of completion has been all that she needed. Good luck with Jasper I am sure that when you bring that jar of jellybeans back out he will be properly motivated.

  3. I actually refused to potty train my youngest, I really just told him he wasn’t allowed to and I would never help him. He figured it out, around 3 and a half.

    My Christmas card that year read…

    the last one’s potty trained!
    Santa came early this year!

    Good luck!

  4. Oh, my gosh! I had forgotten about candies for motivation! I did that with Aydan, and it worked pretty well….

    Good luck, my dear!

  5. you totally missed the window 😉

    better luck next time! my 2 1/2 year old has absolutely no interest at all. very frustrating. post tips when you start working on him again!

  6. I don’t hate potty training that much in and of itself. Maybe because my first potty training experience hasn’t involved any poop at all. But I hate the length and duration of it. I’m so sick of thinking about it after a year. Even if it is one tiny drop of urine on panties, dealing with it 5x a day for a year gets SO OLD!

  7. I don’t know why, but I’ve having a harder time getting Avery trained then I did with James. It almost makes me want to keep her in diapers until kindergarten.

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