Flu or cakes

I know not many of you are as concerned about Swine Flu as I am (Can you imagine dying of something so vile-sounding?  It makes it sound like you were getting a little too frisky in the pig pen.)  Nevertheless I remind you again of this helpful site just incase of a pandemic. Or if you want something a little more visual you can go here.

To cheer you up after that, let me point you in the direction of one of my very favorite blogs: Cake Wrecks.  It’s the place where all the terrible-looking professional cakes are documented for posterity.  The photos are classic but it’s the hilariousness of Jen, the blog author, that makes it so funny (we Jens are an amusing lot).  Subrscribe to it, because it will make your day over and over again.

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6 thoughts on “Flu or cakes

  1. “You SWINE!” I loved that line from that movie—-uh—-what was it?

    Brain dead, brain dead—-from blogging until 3:00 in the morning.

    And I have to speak in church tomorrow—yikes!

    And I have seen the cakes—yes, I have seen the cakes…

  2. Swine Flu? How on earth did you run across THAT topic? I went to the highlighted sites, hoping I would see people collapsed in the death throes of this dread disease (or at least dead pigs), and all I got were graphs!

  3. My best/worst cake was the year I was home after church before my mom, and realized it was her birthday and we didn’t have cake mix OR frosting. I invented some of both – it was a spectacular failure, and as I surveyed the wreckage, I thought adding some candles would cheer up the scene. Nope. I stuck it back in the oven – now off – to keep it warm while waiting for her to come home. THe candles melted in puddles all over and there were just little strings laying all over hte cake like tiny dead worms. Thankfully, it was the wax covering that kept me from forcing anyone to try it before we chucked it in the trash:)

    And yes, igoogle was right!

  4. Or how about some bird flu feather cake? (what’s NOT to find out there on the internet?)


  5. Jennie, you turned me on to the book: “The Great Influenza: The Epic Story of the Deadliest Plague in History by John M. Barry”. I’m glad you did because I have a much greater understanding of why this outbreak is concerning, and how to best react to protect a family if the outbreaks turn to epidemic or pandemic. Your post just helped me remember that interesting book. Thanks.

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