Or is it L.L. Cool J?

I noticed this ad on some site I was visiting and it caught my eye.  It’s distasteful on so many levels.

Obama has asked mothers to go back to school? Really? I don’t recall hearing that anywhere. And why are we supposed to be going back to school? So we can try to find employment in this stellar job market? I’m all for women getting an education. I think it’s a grand idea. But let women get an education for their own sakes. Let’s bag the advertising that makes Obama sound like Chairman Mao.

And take a look at the photo in that ad. It is not a mother. That would make too much sense. It is not President Obama either. No, it is just a generic black man. Are the ad designers hoping that we will not notice the difference between the model and our President? That all black men look the same? Because I can’t think what other reason there would be to use that picture.

So, Cheesy Online College, I think I’ll pass on your generous offer to make something of myself. Oh, just a sec, I nearly forgot that I already graduated from college! I can’t wait to tell Obama! He’s going to be so happy. Or maybe I should just write a letter to the guy in that picture.

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7 thoughts on “Or is it L.L. Cool J?

  1. Wow, that is really weird. I totally agree with you.
    You know, it's a government conspiracy to get all the "moms" out in the workforce (because of course we're not really "working" at home). That way there will be enough demand that "they" can roll out their secret plan for government-run reeducation camps, oops, I mean day care. 🙂

  2. Ouch! Right on the mark about the "generic" black man! That is so blatantly racist! (At least to MY definition of racism. It seems everyone has their OWN definition of that word these days)

  3. I love this post! I couldn't stop laughing not only because it's funny, but it is absolutely true!

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