Day of reckoning

Today is one of those days of mothering penance.  A day to pay the piper. In other words, my day to chaperone Cub Scout Camp.

Forecast: 99º and sunny (That’s 37º Celsius, my European friends)

I have no tolerance for heat.  And direct sunlight just about kills me. Sure I can survive a jaunt across the parking lot between my air conditioned car and the air conditioned store.  Anything more than that and I wilt faster than you can say “prickly heat”.  

I don’t even own shorts.  I avoid all situations where they would be required (running, for example).  I stick to skirts and pants. I don’t think hanging with 10 year-old boys seems skirt-friendly, so I guess I’ll need to take a jaunt to the store before my shift on the surface of the sun at Scout Camp begins.

I’m sure I’ll survive.  I may be in a foul mood by the time all is said and done.  No doubt I’ll be feeling fine by Wednesday.  

When I have to go to Scout Camp again.

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10 thoughts on “Day of reckoning

  1. Sorry you have to go to Cub Scout and scout camp. Been there (Cubs at least) twice. Wouldn't mind never going again. 🙂

    Remember that gorgeous $10 dress you found on eBay? I was willing to pay more than that for it for my daughter Mabel, but not this much.

    (Not that I don't think it's worth that.)

  2. Ugh. Sometimes I'm not sorry that having MS will get me out of certain duties. I have 2 more months before scouting starts for us.
    Good luck.
    BTW, I have a vest that has pockets for ice packs that actually works really, really well at keeping you cool, but it's not exactly stylish. If you get desperate, you can borrow it!

  3. 37 degrees. I'll keep my fingers crossed for a monsoon for you. But being wet at scout camp prob wouldn't be that much fun either.

    Hope you survive.

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