Preparedness and a mini-breakdown

First of all, the preparedness item this week is Spaghetti Sauce. It’s a pasta topping! It’s a pizza Sauce! It’s multi-talented! If you are aiming on spaghetti/pizza/etc. once a week, that’s going to be 12 jars. Think you can handle that? If that’s too much for your pantry (or your… Read More

The Chore Chart

We finally gave Ada some official chores this week, now that she is grown-up and in kindergarten (they’re pretty lame chores, but you have to start somewhere). Which means I now have to print the chore chart on legal sized paper to fit everybody on it. It took me two… Read More

House pet hierarchy

I came back last night from my weekend in Minneapolis to find that my husband, one of the most vigilant cat haters alive, had gotten this while I was gone: The kids have been bugging to get a cat for ages. We already have a dog, though, which is at… Read More

Dear old golden rule days

I’m back from the Grand Utah Adventure. It was loads of fun but more important things are upon us–namely that today is the first day of school. I was sad for about five minutes. Three of my children are starting new schools (Ada starts kindergarten, Finn starts Middle School and… Read More

Super awesome parenting tip

Not to brag or anything but my kids behave pretty well in public (when you have a lot of kids, there simply isn’t room for a lot of naughtiness. One bad kid is just a handul. Six bad kids is a recipe for total insanity). Last week I took them… Read More

The school year draws to a close

Can you believe that school is almost over and I haven’t complained once about all the silly end-of-school activities that are happening? Welp, here it comes. Basically the last two weeks are nothing but fun times. The kids stop learning ten days before school ends because, hey, why not? Who… Read More

The changing table

The garbage man came yesterday which is always a big deal if you have a young boy in your house.  But it was a big deal for me too because I hauled a forlorn and dilapidated changing table out to the curb.  This changing table was bought at a garage… Read More

The cool kids

I like to think my kids are pretty cool people. Sometimes, though, I have to wonder. Do I just have a completely different idea of what cool is? (Probably, because I happen to think I’m really cool.) Finn, for example, was allowed to go somewhere fun with his Grandma while… Read More

Ice cream! Get your ice cream!

I know a lot of you are just getting the first inkling of Spring where you live, but this is Texas and it’s been glorious for several weeks now. We know that summer will be here soon because we heard the dulcet tunes of the ice cream man yesterday. We… Read More

A tale of two unrelated things

This is pretty hard to believe but I don’t have an iphone.  This is especially weird since we are a Mac-only household.  We thoroughly look down on PC users and wonder what is wrong with those people.  My husband waited in line all night when the iphone first came out… Read More