Why am I up so early on a Saturday?

Everything gets planned for Saturday mornings. It’s been bothering me a lot. 

This morning:

Mister has a Seminary meeting to go to (They don’t want him to ever sleep in!). He was out the door at 7:00.

York has a basketball game to go to at 8 am 

India has a color guard competition and has to meet the bus at 8 am (aren’t you glad that I learned the proper name and don’t call it flag twirling anymore?)

Normally the three oldest have Kung Fu on Saturday mornings.  I’ve changed it during church basketball season to Monday nights (do you hear that church leaders?  We are doing it on Monday nights–Family Home Evening night–because you insist on stealing my children on Saturdays too.  So take that!)

Speaking of Kung Fu, have you seen the new Karate Kid preview?  It stars Will Smith’s son who goes to China and meets the wise old Jackie Chan who teaches him a bunch of sweet moves.  I’m just guessing here but since it’s in China wouldn’t that not be Karate? It would be Kung Fu, right? (which is only what cheesy Americans call it.  My kids are pretty sick of me singing “everybody was Kung Fu fighting” on the way to and from lessons.  Those in the know call it Wushu. But if you tell people that your kids take Wushu they give you a really blank look.)


Mmm-kay.  Back to the important topic:  I’m pretty pissed about having to wreck a perfectly lazy Saturday morning by getting up and driving people places.  Isn’t it bad enough that we have 9 am church?  And what’s so wrong with Saturday afternoons anyway? Oh wait, that’s the time I run the birthday party gauntlet.


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11 thoughts on “Why am I up so early on a Saturday?

  1. 9am church? I don't recall ever reading about that in the scriptures.

    I was feeling hard done to having 9:30am church and contending with 40 primary kids.

    But your saturdays sound vastly worse than my Sundays.

  2. The person I feel for is MISTER! Good grief! Saturday, too?

    And anybody who has to contend with 40 primary children EVER deserves a signed promise of Celestial Glory!

    You're funny, ticked or not!

  3. It's dangerous to FINISH your blogs, cause I always see some funny photo link at the bottom, and end up wasting an hour going from old blog to old blog to old blog, and laughing myself silly.

  4. Our church starts at 8 am this year. Beat that!

    BTW, how do you get your three oldest to agree to taking something like Kung Fu? Mine would look at me like I had a gorilla suit on and wonder what I was smoking if I decided on such a sport. I'm sick of soccer, volleyball and baseball.

  5. Here here, what the devil happened to hanging around in your jammies until noon on Saturdays? We are on the birthday circuit as well, I am totally thinking of not letting my kids attend birthdays anymore. We never have open weekends anymore.

    I love that your kids take Kung Fu, and I had no idea that India was in color guard. That is really neat. (only a few more years and she can drive herself)

  6. We have only been here for three weeks but I swear Texas is busier than Arizona!!

    And now I will be singing Everybody was Kung Fu fighting all day long.

  7. I'm sorry, but if someone told me there was 8am basketball on a Saturday, I'd tell them they could pick my kid up or they wouldn't be coming. SAturday mornings are SACRED as far as I'm concerned.

    China for Karate? And isn't Jackie Chan from Hong Kong? Yeah, um, someone needs to do their homework on that one.

  8. Kung Fu is actually the "English" version of the Chinese word of Gung Fu which is the real word used in Cantonese for that type of marital arts. Kind of like ketchup is the english version of Ke Jup, which literally means tomato sauce in Cantonese…Your daily Chinese lesson!

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