The cool kids

I like to think my kids are pretty cool people. Sometimes, though, I have to wonder. Do I just have a completely different idea of what cool is? (Probably, because I happen to think I’m really cool.) Finn, for example, was allowed to go somewhere fun with his Grandma while she’s in town this week. So where did he choose? The Antiques Mall. Seriously. I mean, I think the Antiques Mall is loads of fun. But I am a grown-up woman, not an 11-year-old boy. Lest you start making comments about his budding sexuality, let me just tell you that he did buy something there: a pocket knife. Phew.

York has been rather obsessed with Star Wars lately. His best friend also shares York’s passion. This friend has a bit of a reputation as a dork. This is the conversation I overheard while York was walking out to the car from Middle School yesterday:

Bratty girl: “Hey York, where’s your nerdy friend?”

York: “He’s not a nerd, he’s a Sith.”

Um, York, that’s not exactly dispelling the nerd reputation. I guess it could be worse, though; he could be obsessed with Star Trek.

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  1. Hahahahaaaaa! Just about everything about this entry makes me giggle. WG is only 3 and there's a girl we know who is already the cool kid, putting down other kids and excluding ones she doesn't like. It makes me ill, and her mom doesn't notice or care. I'd way rather have the nerd – and I thought the "sith" comment was rather witty too 🙂

  2. First off, I warned you about naming a child with a name that rhymes with "dork".

    Secondly, if he were to leave the dark side, he could be twinners with Grandma at all the Star Trek conventions. Assuming he opted to not go Klingon. Does that make you feel better or worse?

    Third, I would never be friends with anyone who wasn't cool, so I think your can consider yourself safe.

  3. Hans explained the difference between nerd and geek the other day to me. Nerds are smart/good at school and geeks are into Yugio and stuff. 🙂

    You're cool, even if you are a nerd.

  4. James got Harry some Star Wars guys as a present and the kids had no idea what or who they were, so James sat them down and ran through different parts of Star Wars showing them the characters…um needless to say it has been non-stop Star Wars talk around here ever sine, so if York wants to talk Star Wars with someone new, that isn't a Sith, let me know.

  5. Um….I hate to tell you this about York…..

    (I think he's fantastic. He might be my favorite of your kids. But cool? Yeah, maybe not so much.)

  6. HA HA HA.

    I totally support York in his obsession. Star Wars is the bomb.

    And I love the Finn story XD

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