Sorry about Makeup Monday

I’m sorry about dropping the ball on Makeup Monday.  I went out of town over the weekend for my birthday and hadn’t quite recovered by Monday morning.  Mister and I drove down to San Antonio and had a wonderful time sans kids.  We stayed at a lovely old bed & Breakfast in the adorable King William neighborhood run by a nice couple named Brian and Tim.  

At some point I will upload pictures but that would require finding the dumb little downloading adapter for my camera.  I never, ever learn to put it away.  It’s so hypocritical of me to get mad at my kids for not putting things away properly.  I need a dose of my own medicine!

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5 thoughts on “Sorry about Makeup Monday

  1. Thank you for apologizing. I wandered aimlessly around the Target make up aisle dying to know, "What is it Jennie wants me to buy?! Why won't she TELL ME!" I will wait patiently until next Monday for my instructions. You are my guru.

  2. Much like the Tiffster I found myself in Sephora with zero direction.

    I for one am relieved you are back.

    And I am hoping that Brian and Tim gave you some tips 🙂

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