Dear old golden rule days

I’m back from the Grand Utah Adventure. It was loads of fun but more important things are upon us–namely that today is the first day of school. I was sad for about five minutes. Three of my children are starting new schools (Ada starts kindergarten, Finn starts Middle School and India starts High school) and we were out of town for all their orientations. Which means I have three kids who were all a bit nervous this morning. India really wanted me to drop her off at the front door because, like me, she has a chronic fear of getting lost (and we all remember how big High School seemed, right?) Sadly my car was running on fumes today and there was no way I was going to make it through the High School drop off without running out of gas. Sorry India! And York and Finn, all of whom I dropped off on the sidewalk in front of their schools.

I walked the little girls to school, pushing all their school supplies in a stroller (hey, all those baby wipes and composition notebooks are heavy!) I’m still getting used to the Texas humidity after that thin, dry mountain air and I had sweat pouring down my back by the time we got to school. I’ve lived here long enough to not really care, though.

Jasper starts preschool on Wednesday. That brings the grand total of schools my children are attending this year to four. I’m not particularly excited about this since we’re too close to the schools to take buses. And I don’t make my kids ride bikes if it’s going to be above 95ยบ (see what a nice mom I am?) So it looks like I’ll be driving all over town. Yuck. But it’s a small price to pay for the peace and quiet.

A small price indeed. Now only one question remains: where shall I go to lunch with my one child? We need to celebrate!

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10 thoughts on “Dear old golden rule days

  1. It was good to see you, even for only a minute! I can't believe how big your kids are getting… India in high school? What? That blows my mind…

  2. you weren't the only one with sweat dripping down your back this morning!

    i totally forgot ada was starting kindergarten this year. i don't think she and Ty are in the same class, but i hope to see you around the school. or at least in the pick up lane!

  3. Wow. Four schools! I thought dealing with three would be difficult for me.

    I hope all goes well for India. Cate is pretty nervous for the start of high school too.

    BTW, it was great to see you in Utah. You're awesome!

  4. Yes, Jennie, you are awesome! What a devoted Mom, walking her kids to school with accoutrements in a stroller and sweat pouring down your badk. And SICK, too! Poor lamb!

    And poor lonely Jasper! Or maybe he rejoices to have Mom all to himself. But does MOM rejoice?

  5. I am glad you are home and sorry you are sick!

    I think Jasper needs a trip to Moonies, or maybe that is just me?

  6. Happy first week of school!! I too am enjoying the quiet around here. Half the brood is gone! Still have the noisiest one at home though. Next year!! Good luck to all your kids, especially India. She will do great though.

  7. It was really good to see you and your gorgeous family! We miss you. They are growing so fast and you are doing a great job!
    Good luck with 4 schools. WOW! 3 was the most for me and now we only have only one more year to go, and they will all be done! (with huge student loans!) Hang in there it will be worth it.

    I didn't get a chance to tell India she did a great being called out of the audience to speak in church.:) Darling job.

  8. I wasn't even sad for 5 minutes. My last child left at home and I have been having loads of fun together. Um, well … more like lots of cleaning done, but some fun thrown in, too.

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