Your desert island meal

You are stranded on a desert(ed) isle for one month.  There are fresh water and vitamins. What would you choose to eat? One food One sweet One beverage  Me? Bacon (crispy), chocolate chip cookie dough, milk (cold!) By Hildie | Filed under IMO 11 Comments Share

Dear diary

A lot of people say that blogging is their new journal. I don’t buy that for one second. Who writes their innermost thoughts and then posts them for the entire world to see? Nobody, that’s who. Bloggers universally give a sanitized, edited version of their lives. Some are way more… Read More

Show me your muscles

All of my older kids are lacking in summer clothes, so we’ve been frequenting our favorite clothing shops (Old Navy and Target) for some cheap replenishment.  I’m flummoxed and perplexed by the huge number of muscle shirts available for boys.  Who is buying them?  These have always seemed the height… Read More


I’m sort of weird about my feet.  I have issues.  I don’t like them touched.  No pedicures, no massages.   Just stay away.  Please.    I polish them myself and keep them looking just fine, I think–even though my toes are short and stubby and rather like baby carrots. (Last… Read More

Little confessional

Confessions of things I have done recently: I found weevils in my flour, but didn’t throw it out until after I used it to make waffles for my kids.       York: “What are these little black specks in my waffles?”       Me: “Oh, just some burnt stuff that… Read More

Name that baby

“The List” came out a couple of days ago.  The one from the Social Security Administration that details the top 1000 baby names given in the U.S. last year.  I just have one thing to say: Dear Expectant Parents, I know that you are excited about your newborn baby and… Read More

It’s a date

I’m a very firm believer and practicer of date night. I’m always amazed at how many of my friends don’t go on regular dates with their spouses.  What is the matter with you people?  By Friday night I’m pawing the ground like a pent-up bull ready to escape.  Mister and… Read More

Because it’s always Earth Day to me (gag)

Although my concern for the welfare of Planet Earth ranges somewhere between “hardly at all” and “very little”,  I try to do my part.  I recycle what I can, although my garbage company is from the Stone Age–they don’t recycle paper or cardboard (I know!).  Mostly I do these things… Read More