I’m sort of weird about my feet.  I have issues.  I don’t like them touched. 

No pedicures, no massages.  
Just stay away. 

I polish them myself and keep them looking just fine, I think–even though my toes are short and stubby and rather like baby carrots. (Last year, though, a nice looking older man came running after me as I was walking out of the 7-11 and told me I have beautiful feet.  All I could think was, “pervert!”  Nobody has said that to me before or since so I doubt it’s true.)

Also, I can’t stand things between my toes.  This means you, flip-flops.  I don’t understand how these things are so popular.  It’s downright painful having something wedged in my delicate toe-cleavage! They also are sloppy and noisy.  But they’re so popular. Every year I think, “hmmm, maybe flip-flops aren’t so bad.”  Like somehow, magically, this time I’ll like them.  (I think this same thing about my bike seat every year too).  So I buy a pair (the only appealing thing is the price.  Less than $3 for a pair of shoes?  Excellent) and can’t keep them on for more than 30 seconds.

I know just what I need.  Some of those Tabi socks that Japanese people wear.  Wouldn’t that look dandy?


In the mean time I’ll stick with bare feet.  That’s my favorite anyway.

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10 thoughts on “Footsie

  1. My sister wears toe socks (the ones like gloves for toes) and claims they’re comfortable. The thought of them makes me squirmy.

    I keep having to relearn my lesson about flip flops, not because I can’t take the strap between my toes but because they flip and flop and I can’t walk comfortably.

  2. I could never stand flip flops, the sound or feeling between my toes, until I found Eliza B (now I have a dozen pairs!) The flip flops have a ribbon between the toes which is comfortable and they stay tight on your feet, so no sound issues. You can order them online and pick colors and style. Give them a try.

  3. I think that you should try wearing the Tabi socks and then you will see how much better it is just to wear the flip flops alone.

    Interesting to hear about your issues with your feet. I will give you this though, you do have lovely painted toenails.

  4. Those Tabi sox are worse than flip flops because they have a seam running on the inside of each toe. Add that to the flip-flop gob, and your toe cleavage will REALLY hurt.

    My fault. I passed on my genes for toes that don’t have a normally big gap between the piggies that went to market and stayed home.

  5. I have had serious toe issues for most of my life – all in my own head, but issues none the less.

    I won’t wear open toed heels, but I have one pair of thongs that I LOOOVE because of the colour and because painting my toenails brings joy to my soul.

    I’m going to post a picture of my new favourite polish colour once I do my toes!

    (Oh, and there’s photos of my hair colour at my blog – a few posts ago though!)

  6. I love flip flops! I love how they slap your feet when you walk. I love how easy they are to get on and off. And, strangely, I like the feeling of them between my toes. I think I have 8 pairs this year.

  7. SAME!!! I never get pedicures—can’t stand having anyone look or touch my feet! And I hate flip-flops also—-that’s why I always wear flat slip-ons.

    And the socks might be a bit warm….

  8. I can’t stand flip-flops either! They drive me insane! Bare feet is the only way to go. Or a good pair of TEVA’s. It’s practically the same thing. 🙂

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