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As you know, Arabella turned eight last week. Normally that would mean she’s getting baptized soon*, but we’ve decided to wait until we go to Utah in July so that her family and best friend will be able to attend.

This leaves me a couple more months to find the perfect baptism dress. I have been searching for quite some time and have sadly come to the conclusion that it’s going to have to be made from scratch. These are my criteria:

–I’m not into the whole white dress thing. India had a gorgeous blue dress with an ivory lace overlay. At her baptism (in Utah so there were seven other kids) I secretly felt rather smug with all those girls in their boring while polyester dresses, and there was India standing out in sky blue dupioni silk. (Snobbish, I know. We all have our hang-ups.) Arabella, girly-girl that she is, wants something pink.

–It has to have sleeves. Mission impossible right there. Everything is sleeveless.

–Silk is preferable.  Which costs a pretty penny. I’ve been looking for dresses on ebay for months . . . nothing. We have the crummiest fabric stores here.  I wish I had a spare plane ticket to Portland–Fabric Depot is just what I need.

Here are some dresses that have given me a few ideas: (do you like my fancy notations?)

*Mormon kids don’t get baptized until they are eight years old and able to choose right from wrong. Before that all kids are considered innocent.

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13 thoughts on “The dress

  1. I LOVED India’s dress – I’m totally going to pay you to make my girls one. I can always check out Fabric Depot for you…I’m sure shipping is cheaper than a plane ticket 🙂

  2. Hey…I want to come to the baptism! I know Cassidy would love to come too! Send me the details, if thats okay!?!? 🙂 Her dress will be nothing short of perfection…

  3. Now you’ve got me pondering Mary’s baptism dress. Is sleeveless OK if you wear a shrug or sweater?

  4. Have you ever ordered fabric online? I’ve noticed a number of ads for sites in my threads magazine (haven’t ordered from any yet as I haven’t been sewing much lately). I’m trying to remember the store in Union Square in San Francisco that has amazing fabrics: Britex. Maybe they have an online store? I looked it up, for me, too: Also, many places said they’d send samples. Also, I love a store with incredible, hand-smocked dresses. They’re having a sale. They have pink. Another resource for you. Bon courage!

  5. At, on the online exclusive link, is a beautiful pink silk dupioni. Still pricey, but an idea. (I’m hanging out without any children right now and my laptop–hence I have time to be looking online for fun)

  6. You have such a great eye, you’ll find something fabulous. I of course was one of the unimaginative ones whose daughter was in white, but the plan was to have it made from my wedding dress.

  7. I was about to suggest Strasburg children, too! My 9-year-old daughter and I spent some time with drool running out of our hanging-open mouths looking through the offerings there a while ago.

    But it’s a lot to pay. often has silk at reasonable prices. (P.S. I love white dresses but not polyester ones . . . sadly, I’m still working on the dress I started for my daughter when she turned 8; she wore a sweet eyelet outfit from Old Navy on her baptism day.)

  8. There was a baptism in our ward were the girl wore her white polyester dress to actually be BAPTIZED in. She now wears it to church. That’s not the usual MO is it? (Obviously, India was not baptized in blue) Just curious if anyone else has seen that?

  9. What??? That’s weird. Everybody I’ve ever seen wears the poly jumper they provide you with at church for the baptism itself. The dress is for afterwards.

  10. So basically she is going to look like a little beauty queen next to the other kids…classic. Good luck on that little task, at least you have given yourself a few weeks to put all that together.

  11. I don’t like the whole white baptism thing either. But then I am so radical, I had my babies blessed in color!

    You know me—color, color, color!

    Love those dresses—so pretty.

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