It’s a date

I’m a very firm believer and practicer of date night. I’m always amazed at how many of my friends don’t go on regular dates with their spouses.  What is the matter with you people?  By Friday night I’m pawing the ground like a pent-up bull ready to escape.  Mister and I are of like mind in this respect.  The two of us are all about having fun.  Plus we need to reconnect and get back on the same page or our marriage starts to pay the price. Things can disintegrate quickly.

Food is involved in date night, of course.  Lately I’ve been on a hummus bender and only want to eat at places that serve it.  Which usually means Tino’s Greek Cafe.  Mister is cool with that because their Greek chicken salad is amazing.  In a couple of weeks I’ll have moved on to a new food craving.

Sometimes we go to a movie.  Sometimes we go someplace for live music.  Sometimes we just bum around the book shop.

On the menu for tonight? Mister was very disappointed to find out that I scheduled a late-over with some kids in our ward.   But don’t worry!  We have tomorrow night honey!

What about you?  Are you into date night (and by date night I don’t mean putting the kids to bed and watching a movie.  That’s not a date.  A date entails a change of venue.  Even if it just means going for a drive in the car or window shopping at Ikea.)

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13 thoughts on “It’s a date

  1. For 38 years! It has always been a priority and I would get a little miffed when some scheduled a ‘have to be there’ type of function on our night! It is rated way up there like FHE, but higher:)!

    Happy Mothers Day!

  2. I’m a VERY strong believer in date night- it’s how I get through the week! We have a kids night and a date night- one devoted entirely to them- pizza, movies, kites, swimming, whatever- and the other for us. It’s almost been a year now that our big kids are old enough to babysit- and YiPpEe! Date nights happen without an extra $30 flying out to a babysitter.

  3. We started a date night a few years into our marriage at my mom’s urging when she found out we never went out, and some weeks I have to push myself to make it happen — but I’m always so glad we do go out, for all the reasons you listed, and, like you, I’m always surprised when I find out we’re in such a minority.

    We forgot to get a sitter for tonight and my babysitter-aged son is going on a campout, but I might still try to get a last-minute babysitter tonight.

  4. All the happiest (married) people I know have a regular date night. The unhappiest? Martyrs to the end. Good for you. Enjoy!

  5. A late-over! (love it!)

    We are HUGE date night people. I only wish our kids were older so one of them could be our built-in-babysitter. But, luckily, I have your great kids to lean on in the meantime 😉

    PS – So then what’s the plan for tomorrow’s date? And Hummus? Really???

  6. Saw your comment on NMH and went six kids? HAHA We stopped at five because we DIDN’T want six 😉

    Now that my oldest is 12 we finally go on dates regularly…now we just need to perfect the ability to leave the children and then not talk about them all. night. long.

  7. I HAVE to have date night!! We used to go every weekend, unless I had a gig on both nights, but then since the money has been tight, we are only doing it twice a month—-and I LOOK forward to it soooo much!

    We usually do dinner and a foreign film or idependent film—-our favorite dinner lately is Japanese Hotpot—Shabu in Harvard Sq.


  8. I LOVe, LOvE, lOVe, date night. I’m the same when it comes to the weekend. It’s time for some wife time, and a break from being the Mom. Chris has always been good about date night and full of surprises….sometimes he falls off the band wagon, but I pick up where he left off, etc, etc… Lately, it’s just been trips to my favorite grocery store, Trader Joes, but still, it’s a date and we are alone with each other. If I could get up and bear my testimony about this topic, I’d shout it from the pulpit that every couple should have this principle in practice!! As a side note, date night for me doesn’t include double dates, or triple dates….that can be the other night of the weekend! I get at least one night of Chris just…. to…..MYSELF! (Wow, I didn’t know your post would invoke such emotion from me. 🙂

  9. Tinos grilled chicken salad?!?! I am so jealous!!!! And yes, date night is a must. Sometimes twice a week! Our babysitters know us well.

  10. We are ALL ABOUT date night!

    When we can get a sitter. Finding someone that will be responsible for a diabetic is a chore.

  11. I can’t wait to have a built in babysitter….only like 10 more years. Bummer. I do love a good night out sans kids. Kudos to you for making it such a priority.

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