Shiver me timbers

I simply couldn’t resist this eye-rolling headline from an article by Fox News:

U.S. Navy Unveils New Ship That Can Fight Pirates

Wow!  How advanced we are!  We’re actually going to have a boat that can fight pirates

I believe Queen Elizabeth made a similar announcement in 1570.
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6 thoughts on “Shiver me timbers

  1. Laughing too hard! Yes, I believe Her Majesty did, and his name was Francis Drake — oh wait! Drake was HER professional pirate.

    Anyway, I’ve been wondering how long the nations were going to go on letting a bunch of sleezos on a scummy little vessel hold up a gigantic oil tanker before the tanker brought along some guns and blew the pirates out of the water. Ought to be a quick solution!

    I was thinking the tankers should warn any vessel that gets within 2 miles of them that if they sailed another 10 yards closer, they would be bombed out of existence. Is this so hard?

  2. Hard to believe that we’re hundreds of years from the hay day of pirateering and yet we still haven’t figured out how to fight them. We can send a man to the moon, but we can’t stop a bunch of uneducated men on a tiny ship with guns from getting on a ginormous cargo ship. WTH?

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