Because it’s always Earth Day to me (gag)

Although my concern for the welfare of Planet Earth ranges somewhere between “hardly at all” and “very little”,  I try to do my part.  I recycle what I can, although my garbage company is from the Stone Age–they don’t recycle paper or cardboard (I know!).  Mostly I do these things out of peer pressure.  I’m afraid they’ll sniff out my hypocrisy each time I go to Whole Foods. Plus I like to feel better than other people whenever possible.  Condescension can be so satisfying, which is half of the reason people are environmentally conscious.  Naturally I’ve been employing my reusable bags at the grocery store (although I forget them in my car most of the time.  They need to have reminder signs in the parking lot.) You may recall my dilemma about the ugliness of said bags: boring green (or shocking red of you get the bags from Target) with a cheesy store logo on the side.

But I finally hit the reusable bag motherlode! I didn’t have the patience to hang out at India’s nerdfest homeschool get-together on Friday so I went to Pier One* instead. Since being ecologically aware is ever so popular (and profitable) Pier One now offers several darling styles of reusable bags.  I picked the one that has both bees and birds (like my blog, duh.  Except they’re really more like moths than bees.  Whatever.  Still cute).  For $2.99 I can let everyone know that I have both a love for the planet (shhh, they don’t need to know the truth) and a grand sense of style.  Isn’t that a relief?

*Random Jennie Trivia: I got my very first job at Pier One. I was 16 and couldn’t believe my luck at getting paid $3.35 an hour.  Much better than babysitting where I might get all of $10 for the night if I was lucky.

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10 thoughts on “Because it’s always Earth Day to me (gag)

  1. Cute bags. I do refuse to use them. I also only recently began to recycle anything (cans) because it’s a fundraiser for school. I figure I’m doing my part to accelerate the Second Coming.
    The only bumper sticker I’ve ever considered putting on my car says “My carbon footprint is bigger than yours”.
    My husband woudn’t let me because he thought someone would get so mad they’d damage our car, or worse. How is it all those “peaceful” types get so irate when you disagree with them?

  2. Great find! I’m too shallow to actually use the neon red bags, so this might be the way to go!
    Are they insulated?

  3. You know me…I’ve always been a tree hugger. I like the earth. But my city recycles plastic bags, so I’ve always thought that was a decent excuse to keep using them. But I finally broke down and bought reusable bags about a month ago. And how many times have I used them? Only the time I bought them! I have such a hard time remembering to bring them IN the store with me. You’re right, they need big signs in the parking lot. But stores don’t actually care if you USE those bags, just as long as you pay $2 a piece for them.

  4. Jenny, you are such a HOOT!

    You can do what your addle brained mother does: After emptying them, tie them onto your purse handles. That way they will get into the car on the next trip. Then drape them over the gearshift lever next time you get into the car.

    Oh, I know, you are MUCH TOO COOL for such tacky behavior.

    I remember NOTHING that is not attached to my body or clothing. I even pin notes to my shirt telling me what I MUST do when I get home, and sometime that evening a friend or neighbor will say, “Oh, your chest says you have to defrost the chicken by 3. Well, it’s 5, but you can nuke it.”

  5. Congrats on the new find. I thought that maybe you might have given up on that one, seeing as all the bags that I have seen do have the giant store logo plastered to the front.

    You will look so chic and clever walking into the store with these, if you do happen to take them in.

  6. Just found your blog through Segullah. I loved this post. I needed a laugh today, and this one did the trick…it was even a out-loud laugh! Thanks.

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