Your desert island meal

You are stranded on a desert(ed) isle for one month.  There are fresh water and vitamins. What would you choose to eat?

  • One food
  • One sweet
  • One beverage¬†

Me? Bacon (crispy), chocolate chip cookie dough, milk (cold!)
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11 thoughts on “Your desert island meal

  1. I want to know where this desert Island is that provides bacon, ice-cream, chocolate cake, etc. I'll gladly be cast off there!

    Other than a really fabulous chicken stew, I'm with you on the cookie dough and milk.

    It's snowing and sleeting in Utah. I want to be wherever that picture is! I drool! I yearn! I ache!

  2. Cheesecake Factory's fire roasted artichoke, Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls with maple icing, and Barq's over ice in a frosty mug. You know, nothing too specific or complicated for me!

  3. Trout cooked in butter and fresh asparagus, a BIG piece of white cake with raspberry filling and whipped cream frosting, and a tall Pepsi, with lots of ice!!

    Yum! Heavenly.

  4. Well, this isn't very specific, but
    1. pasta with chicken
    2. brownies
    3. coke (although I would be dying for milk if I was eating brownies). hmmmm….

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