Something I’m Good At

To keep going with my second Post-A-Day in May, my assigned topic is to talk about something I’m good at. My first response to that was, “Wow, I’m good at so many things. How am I supposed to pick?” That sounds so egotistical but I’m 42. I’ve had a bunch… Read More

Tarts and Spankings

One of my very favorite things growing up was to come home and find my mother not there. She was very bossy and we fought a lot but that wasn’t the reason why; I loved to make baked goods while she wasn’t around to tell me I was doing things wrong.… Read More

Car Shopping

Mister owns a truck. It’s not the hugest truck but it’s big. Big trucks are fine for the country or even the suburbs but notsogreat in downtown areas. He’s cursed it when he’s worked downtown because it’s rather like being an elephant in a movie theatre. It’s simply too big.… Read More

I Did It! I Kept My Resolution!

I posted this over at Segullah today, but thought it was pertinent to everyone. At least everyone who is celebrating a New Year. If you celebrate Chinese New Year instead then maybe you shoud skip this (and ni hou to you, by the way). As a person who constantly fails… Read More

Mouse in the Trash Can

Finding this in our driveway last week jogged my memory of having a smidge of a mouse problem when we lived in Utah many years ago.   Our house was down the block from a huge vacant lot meadow. As you can imagine the critters living in nature sometimes got… Read More

Olympic Sports I Would Be Good At

It’s hard to watch the Olympics and not imagine yourself doing some of those sports. Even if you are a 41 year-old woman who hasn’t raised her heartbeat once in the last six months. So really this is all theoretical. It’s more about affinity than ability. But let’s consider the… Read More

Me and my Bumper

Awww, look at India with her new car. “New” car, I should say. It’s a Toyota Corolla that is ten years old but does not have a dent or ding anywhere. She has had it for not quite two weeks. Let me digress right here to tell you about my… Read More

My Eating Disorder

I’ve been reading a lot lately in the blog world about people having Anorexia/Bulimia/Some-strange-condition-where-they-seems-themselves-as-fat-and-hideous. It takes a lot of courage to talk about hating your body and how much you hate that you hate it. It’s made me think about my relationship with my body. I pretty much have the… Read More