Hi, I’m Hildie and I’m a Procrastinator.

It’s currently 9 am and I have been up for four hours already. Instead of finishing India’s pioneer skirt way ahead of time like a good girl, I was up hemming it at 5:00 this morning. But I made good time and got the apron done too. I even had time to add pockets. Everything was finished on time and we made it out of the house at the appointed time at 6:45. I really would have liked to sleep in today. I have ward council at 7:30 am tomorrow so no sleeping in for another week. Blech. It’s my own fault, I guess.

Honestly I don’t know why I didn’t make the skirt months ago. Or even a week ago. Why do I always wait until the last second? The same thing happened on Valentine’s Day. I planned the kids valentines and ordered the supplies a whole month in advance. But I waited to make them until the night before. And of course I was so tired that I figured I’d finish them the next morning–forgetting that the kids hand out Valentine’s first thing.

Sometimes doing things early does backfire. I finished a few Valentines and Ada put them in a box on the table (each one had a homemade chocolate chip cookie. Texas is totally cool with homemade food being brought to school. I really like the idea of the kids getting at least one treat that isn’t chock full o’ chemicals.)  Of course Margaret, my dog frenemy, pushed a chair out so she could climb up and ate several cookies.  So sometimes doing things early is not so great. But I should know better than to keep edible things where the dog can reach them.

Here I am 41 years old and I swear I’m still as bad a procrastinator as I was when I was 21. When will I learn? Are you a procrastinator? Were you ever? I seriously need to learn how to motivate myself not to put things off. I’m driving myself batty!

Here are the valentines. They turned out really cute even though I waited til the last minute to put them together. I am, as ever, a Valentine’s Day overachiever.

 photo 0c84a242-3c98-4142-af64-cc5954d26978_zps4a33f0eb.jpg

2 thoughts on “Hi, I’m Hildie and I’m a Procrastinator.

  1. They’re GORGEOUS!! (what are they? paper bags with badges? store bought cookies with decorations?)

    Yes, I am a procrastinator. I’m always waiting for the adrenalyn of terror to get me going into the achievement mode. “On Time” is so mundane!

  2. I can’t believe you went to so much trouble! When Daphne was in preschool we spent all day making homemade valentines. They were sooo cute! But then I realized when she brought her bag of Valentine’s home that the kids just pull the candy off and throw the card away, probably w/o even looking at it. From then on, I just buy them the cheap, ugly, horrible Scoobie Doo ones or Dora ones. Seriously, I don’t even care. And it is the best decision I ever made! Some things are worth your time–like homemade baking . For adults. Or nice teacher gifts. But valentines for elementary school kids? Not worth it. I say stop beating yourself up and just move on to the store bought ones. You’ll thank me next year.

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