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To keep going with my second Post-A-Day in May, my assigned topic is to talk about something I’m good at. My first response to that was, “Wow, I’m good at so many things. How am I supposed to pick?” That sounds so egotistical but I’m 42. I’ve had a bunch of years to work on hobbies and stuff like that. If you’d have asked me that same question when I was 22 I would have come up with a big fat blank.  I can only imagine how many great things I’ll know how to do when I’m 62. (Oh my gosh. 62 is only twenty years away???? I’m going to freak out. I can’t ever be that old! But I will be! Unless I die first. What if I do die first? What if I die soon? What if I already have cancer and I don’t even know it???)

Here is a list of things I’m good at:

1. Baking stuff.

2. Being jokey (always trying to be funny. Especially at inappropriate times.)

3. Being a mom (Due to lots of practice.)

4. Pissing off my husband (This would have made my list when I was 22 also.)

5. Making small-talk

6. Cursive

7. Manipulating any disagreement so that I’m not the one at fault.

8. Painting fingernails

9. Exiting parking lots (it’s a real art, knowing which exits are best and why.)

10. Talking to people about preparedness and food storage.

11. Painting walls.

12. Coming up with excuses for why I’m late.

See what I mean? I’m so good at so many things.

If you feel like playing along and doing a post every day in May, leave me a link!

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4 thoughts on “Something I’m Good At

  1. Ok since you are a great mom, here is a question for you…how do you discipline a two year old? Time outs don’t seem to faze him and he thinks its pretty funny to hit or pull hair or stand on the toilet again right after you tell him not to. His favorite word of course seems to be “no” right now. I’m sure this is all normal, esp with a new baby around, but is there anything we can do besides wait it out?! Help!

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