Me and my Bumper

Awww, look at India with her new car. “New” car, I should say. It’s a Toyota Corolla that is ten years old but does not have a dent or ding anywhere.

India Car

She has had it for not quite two weeks.

Let me digress right here to tell you about my greatest weakness in life: the inability to look before I back up a car (Second weakness: hatred of laundry). I even have a camera on the back of my minivan that (supposedly) shows me what is behind me. But when I start my car I have to wait a whole twenty seconds for it to start working. Twenty seconds! Pssht, who has that kind of time??? And I then I actually have to look at it. So unreasonable!

I try to make myself not back up until the camera turns on but yesterday I had a Relief Society “emergency” (one of our very sick sisters needed a Coke. Now that’s the kind of service I can get behind!) ┬áSo I hopped in my minivan without realizing that Mister had parked India’s car behind me in the driveway (in my defense, I did look out the back window but the car was too short to see). So really it was only 90% my fault.

And now India’s bumper looks like this:


India cried. Mister is still fuming. I, of course, feel awful. I hear all these dreadful stories about people backing up over children. It is only by the grace of God that has never happened. I will let this be a warning to me. You have my solemn promise that I will always look before backing up AND wait for my camera to turn on.

Not that any of this matters to my car. Betsy wears her battle scars proudly. I have never bothered getting any dents fixed because it’s only a matter of time before something else meets with my bumper.

dented car

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6 thoughts on “Me and my Bumper

  1. I’m so paranoid about backing up (being short, I cannot see that well back there), I roll down the windows every time (so I can hear someone screaming at me to stop). In parking lots, I always search until I find what my kids call a “pull-through” parking space.

  2. Yeah, Jennie. That’s the same promise you made when you backed into my red Escort in West Jordan. You’re lucky I don’t mind dented cars.

    Poor, sweet India!

  3. Oohh, Jennie, this is bad. Very bad. If I were India I would’ve cried as well. Maybe watch videos of people giving accounts of how they accidentally backed over a pedestrian until it is engrained in your mind that you MUST CHECK BEFORE BACKING UP!! That is unless India and Mr. have been giving you the stink eye ever since and that’ll do it for you.

    I still love you, though! (:

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