I’m alive!

I haven’t posted on my blog in two weeks. That’s my record. It was due to a couple of things: I was in Utah/Colorado/New Mexico/Texas for over a week; most of the time driving or having fun. Then I came home and realized the my poor laptop is just about… Read More


When we go to the park as a family the babies are happy playing on the slides and such, but for the bigs there is one option, and one option only:  the swings.  Back and forth is so lame.  All that matters is launching themselves as high and as far… Read More


We have lived in Austin for not quite three years.  We all adore it (well, I don’t know if the kids do but who cares what they think) and never want to leave.   One of our favorite things about Texas is just . . . that it’s Texas.  You… Read More

The hills are alive

At different points in motherhood it’s necessary to admit that the idea of what your family would be like–the one you’ve had stored up in your head since you were ten years old–will not be happening. One particular fantasy of mine came crashing down on Sunday.  Our family was asked… Read More

When in doubt, post photos!

I have nothing at all to say today.  So that means it’s time for pictures, everybody!  I was going through iphoto and realized that we did a lot of fun things this summer that I never blogged about.  Here is a sampler: A chain-link fence is strong enough to keep… Read More


  We’re back from Galveston.  Did you know that it’s actually an island?  I didn’t until I went there this week.  My friend Cheryl invited us to come and hang out with her and her kids (our husbands both had to work.  They’re lame that way) to “escape the heat”.… Read More

The Old Swimmin’ Hole

To beat the Texas heat we went to Krause Springs last week. It’s about 45 minutes west of Austin and is an old fashioned swimmin’ hole. Complete with a rope swing: It is, quite literally, a hole. It’s been carved out of limestone, thus the “beach” looks like this (I… Read More