When in doubt, post photos!

I have nothing at all to say today.  So that means it’s time for pictures, everybody!  I was going through iphoto and realized that we did a lot of fun things this summer that I never blogged about.  Here is a sampler:

A chain-link fence is strong enough to keep in a tiger, right?  Right???
At the zoo in the outrageous Texas sun.  Can you see the sweat dripping off of our faces?
We found this wonderful sweet shop in Shertz, Texas.  Homemade ice cream, cakes, goodies and a ton of Texas-themed home decor (just in case you forget what state you live in).
(Ask a 10-year-old boy to smile and this is what you get.  Thanks Finn!)
Now this is a Longhorn!
Just your friendly neighborhood zebra
We’re going for the record of the most pictures taken of children with goats
But when the kids (both human and animal) are this cute, how can I resist?
On the way to get family photos done in Utah a piece of tire rubber came flying up and smashed the windshield of the car I was driving (my sister-in-law’s car, by the way.  Sorry Cammie!)  Because nothing is more important than cute pictures, I dusted the broken glass off of my clothes and out of my shoes and kept going.
I made a few cakes.  The one above is my signature cake (Chocolate Raspberry Fudge).  It’s absolutely swoon-worthy.  India is my only child with enough sense to request it for her birthday.
Rain!!! Finally!!!  (This is what you do when you can’t afford a pool.)
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10 thoughts on “When in doubt, post photos!

  1. What on earth possessed you to cover a cake in fondant? The stuff scares me and I won't touch it with a ten foot pole. But it looks like you know what you are doing, so bravo.

  2. You guys take such great pictures! That one of Ada and the goat is priceless 🙂 I miss those kids, and you, of course 🙂

  3. A few thoughts:

    1. Love that candy shop. I would love to visit!
    2. Aaaaaa! That windshield! Aaaaa!
    3. Kids + Goats = Cute!
    4. I bow to your baking skillz!

  4. I just love the safari. I think that the kids actually liked it a lot more this last time we went too. And come on now, who can resist a pigme goat? Not me.

    I am really impressed at your abilities with the cakes, and with the tire accident, how did you pull yourself together after that one, I think that I would have cracked in a major way. But no, not Jennie, she is our modern day wonder woman.

  5. On the same vein as Tiffany –
    1. I miss Texas
    2. Holy crap I'm glad you are okay!
    3. How does that longhorn dude keep its head up!?
    4. I. Want. That. Cake.

  6. What on earth can beat pix of kids with kids? Nothing!

    Except maybe kids splashing in rainwater.

    Thanks for the great photos!

  7. Those horns are massive!!! not jus the lenth, but the girth too. How does he hold his head up? Neck meat must be pretty tough.

  8. You and your good looking children with the beautiful eyes and smiles and those pretty cakes are fun to look at. I like those striped candles on your signature cake! I fear fondant.

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