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I love a good fake holiday.  You know, “National  ________  Day” (fill in the blank with just about anything: potato chips (March 14),  yo-yos (June 6th),  Chocolate Eclairs (June 22nd.  Why have I not been celebrating this?!),  square dancing (Nov. 29th), and moles (Oct. 23.  I don’t know if it celebrates the animal or is a day to check for skin cancer).

Today is a really lovely day; it’s the World Day of Bread. Not only is bread one of my favorite foods (I have filled up entirely on the bread that comes before a meal because I love it so), but it is found in every culture.  It’s truly a global food. And what else is as comforting as freshly-baked bread?

So how about making some bread today?  If you’ve never made it, maybe you should give it a whirl. If you have a bread machine that’s been languishing in a cupboard, how about dusting it off and putting it to good use?   Think how happy everyone will be on a cool, autumn day to walk in the door to be greeted by fresh, warm bread.

(King Arthur Flour has great bread recipes and tutorials.  Their Classic Sandwich Bread and Apple Oatmeal Bread are both delicious and easy.)

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5 thoughts on “Staff of Life

  1. love bread! bread i love! what a great opportunity to use my NEW PULLMAN BREAD PAN! i learned about from you!

    Pullman bread pan, flylady, food storage, your wit – so many wonderful gifts i have recieved from you!

    Thank you! traci

  2. what a fantastic holiday! It was amazing going to the International Bakeries Convention where the making of bread is spoken of with reverence.

  3. One of my King Arthur faves is English Muffin Toasting Bread. It's kind of a "cheater bread" with baking soda and yeast, but it tastes and looks like real sandwich bread. I use half white whole wheat and it turns out fine.

    And I made a banana feather loaf yesterday-one day too early!

  4. I don't like bread. I'd rather eat the insides of the sandwich and leave the bread.

    Except for Texas Roadhouse and The Three Room. Then I'd rather eat the bread than the meal.

  5. Mole Day (which I just learned about this year, although it's our sixth time through chemistry) is in honor of the number 6.02 x 10²³. Hence it lasts from 6:02 AM to 6:02 PM on October 23rd. Don't ask me what the significance of the number is! But it's called a mole. And my chemistry student got extra credit if she made a mole-something. (She chose to make a stuffed one out of felt. Others wrote poems or songs. What does that have to do with chemistry??)

    Anyway, just popped over from Harlene's site and thought I'd share my "something new I learned this month" knowledge with someone else. Have a great day!

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