13 thoughts on “In the morning

  1. i think i would rather make my kids lunches in the morning and then i wouldn't feel like i was preparing meals all day long!! but at 7:15, i was trying to figure out what we were goign to have for breakfast that day since we were out of pretty much everything. i have to admit, baked beans was on the list! totally a grocery store day.

  2. At 7:15 I was running around looking for my shoes to take the garbage out to the road so that the truck wouldn't pass our house and leave me with super stinky garbage for another 4 days! Ick.

    But I do love that you were making lunches and they were probably eating breakfast at the same time. Or do you keep them out of the kitchen while you make the sandwiches so they don't see that you make them all the same?

  3. At 7:15 I'm holding two filled backpacks and the door open, screaming at the boys to get into the car, "this very minute or we will be late for school". If I leave at 7:20 I get behind a school bus, and get to make all his stops with him.

  4. Jennie, I'm serious about your taking another sandwich picture just like this but with the Skippy label showing. Bet I can sell it! I'll give you the $$$! Please?


    Especially York and Ada! Aw, I miss forcing them into their pajamas and tucking them in at night…

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