(This picture captures her personality perfectly)

My mother, known by the grandkids as “Boppie”, just left after a two week visit.¬†She spent a lot of her time doing this:

(otherwise known as finishing up my sewing projects. Although during this visit I think she was  stuck making a couple of Halloween costumes.)
She is well loved by the kids for her mad freestyle pancake skillz.
The Smiley Face
The Daisy
The Truck

Thanks for all your help, Boppie. We love you! See you at Christmas!

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7 thoughts on “Boppie

  1. Funnest Boppie ever! I just have to say that I love the creative pancakes- and I love the plates that they are on!

  2. Thanks, Jennie. It was tons of fun! Also tons of exhausting. The older we get, the more 6 running, jumping, yelling, laughing, teasing kids takes it out of us.

    I will simply add that YOU are a fantastic mother, decorator, writer, wife, and all-around GOOD WOMAN!

  3. Where did you come up with the name Boppie?

    It sure looks like you were able to get some things done, and sewn, as well as add a few new tricks to your breakfast routine. How clever. I better not let the kids see the pancakes that you have at your house or else mine will never cut it again.

  4. Hey, if anyone in Utah is looking for a good baby name, my word verification was perfect: "Strondaz." It has Utah baby name all over it.

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