The Food Storage Bandwagon

One of my favorite things to obsess about is the end of the world/flu pandemic/EMP*. I love, love, love preparedness! But I have been letting my food storage and preparedness dwindle lately. I’m so ashamed! I have people ask me all the time to start up my “item of the… Read More

Tornadoes, brimstone and you

Last Friday I was on my weekly Costco trip getting our usual six gallons of milk and a jillion eggs. As I sat and tried to decide whether to buy some canned chicken I had the oddest feeling come over me; it was a feeling that food would be getting… Read More

Item of the week–Water

It’s Monday, the day when I tell you this week’s item. Which will be THE most important thing in your entire food storage. And it’s not even food, it’s WATER! Fortunately you don’t need to have a three month supply of this on hand; although it would be nice. We’re… Read More

Preparedness and a mini-breakdown

First of all, the preparedness item this week is Spaghetti Sauce. It’s a pasta topping! It’s a pizza Sauce! It’s multi-talented! If you are aiming on spaghetti/pizza/etc. once a week, that’s going to be 12 jars. Think you can handle that? If that’s too much for your pantry (or your… Read More

Item of the Week–Cereal

How did everybody do with peanut butter last week? I ended up getting nine jars which should last us for a few months. This week our item is Cereal. (Dry cereal, not oatmeal.) Is there any food more beloved to people than cereal? I mean, who doesn’t like it? It… Read More

My calling: “The Ward Nag”

Yes ma’am, we’re bringing back the Food Storage Item of the Week. Wherefore, you might ask. I wrote this for Segullah on Thursday and thought I might post it here to explain my thinking a little. It’s more of a spiritual nature since it has to do with my job… Read More

Food Storage Kick off!

I posted over at Segullah today about Food Storage. I’m going to put my post up over here too, because this coming Monday is going to be the grand kick-off of Jennie’s Food Storage Item-of-the-Week and we might need a little motivation. I did this a couple of years ago… Read More

I lost my mojo

I haven’t forgotten about the 72-hour kits; I just lost my preparedness mojo for a little while.  But I’m back in the saddle, thanks to the great Murphy’s Law article at The Epicenter.  Remember how I mentioned a while back that you’ll be going to the Army Surplus store for your… Read More

Reporting for the 72-hour kits

Ok Everybody, how did it go getting all the food? I’ve heard a few people say that their backpacks are getting pretty full.  To which I have two solutions: parcel out some of the stuff to the kids backpacks if they have more room (yes, they’re heavy.  And when the… Read More

In case of Rapture, the car is yours*

Here is why I am trying to get everybody on board with food storage and 72-hour kits. Highly recommended viewing (although it’s definitely Mormon, if that freaks you out.) *My friend Darlene, a lovely Evangelical Christian, has this bumper sticker on her Hummer. It cracks me up every time I… Read More