Reporting for the 72-hour kits

Ok Everybody, how did it go getting all the food? I’ve heard a few people say that their backpacks are getting pretty full.  To which I have two solutions: parcel out some of the stuff to the kids backpacks if they have more room (yes, they’re heavy.  And when the time comes, they can deal with it.  If it’s a scary situation–fire about to engulf your house–think how much adrenaline they’ll have.  They’ll be super strong!) The other solution is to get a bigger backpack.  Smart idea, huh?  The guys in the army carry around huge duffel bags, but they have backpack straps so they can carry them easily.  Think like an army guy.  Go to Goodwill or D.I. and find something huge for $3.  Because it would be really crummy to have to tell your children that you could have brought some more food but your backpack was too small. You don’t have to buy bigger backpacks for everyone, just the adults (or just get a huge one for you husband like I did.  He has all the extra stuff.)

I’ll tell you this week’s items tomorrow. I’m still refining the list.  Just prepare yourself mentally for one thing. You’re going to be going to the Army Surplus Store.  This is a really cool place if you haven’t been.  I’m pretty sure they have one in every town. 

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6 thoughts on “Reporting for the 72-hour kits

  1. I am so incredibly proud of myself because I got ALL my 72 hour kit food! Yay! I still have to parcel it out, but it’s all here. Today’s goal is to put it in bags and backpacks. I’m starting to feel so prepared!

  2. We got backpacks with wheels after school supplies went on sale! That helps and give options! I missed the post about food, I’ll get it this week! Since we have all the other stuff, it’s just time to rotate food!

  3. I forgot to check in last week, but I did rotate the food in the 72-hour kits last week. Since it was overdue and I can’t stand to throw food away, the poor kids will be eating “stale” granola bars and crackers in their lunches for a little while. Maybe I’ll rotate it sooner this year!

  4. I got all the stuff and packed it in the bags, but I think that I will be one of the people that will be getting bigger packs for the kids, lets just say that the thomas the train back pack is not going to cut it this time.

  5. I forgot to report back, but yesterday I divided up all the food I bought into the backpacks, so we’re good to go!

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