The Food Storage Bandwagon

One of my favorite things to obsess about is the end of the world/flu pandemic/EMP*. I love, love, love preparedness! But I have been letting my food storage and preparedness dwindle lately. I’m so ashamed! I have people ask me all the time to start up my “item of the week” blog posts again. And for my own good–and yours too, I hope–I’m going to start up my whole item of the week thing again, starting on Monday! So get in the mindset of preparedness, folks! We’re going to stock up our pantries one item at a time. It’s the easiest, no-brainer way to get our houses in order.

See you on Monday!


*An EMP, in case you don’t know, is an ElectroMagnetic Pulse. It occurs when a nuclear bomb is detonated high in the atmosphere (or really big solar flare). It knocks out everything elecronic/computery within a several-hundred mile radius, effectively sending people back to an early 1800s lifestyle. Here’s a really detailed article about what it is. There’s a bunch of scientific stuff so you might want to scroll down to the section “What would happen after the attack”. Chilling, to be sure.

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4 thoughts on “The Food Storage Bandwagon

  1. What you call “world/flu pandemic/EMP” we call “when the zombies come”. That is our codeword for preparedness. But it’s starting to freak out the kiddos…

    1. Sometimes we refer to it as The Zombie Apocalypse too. It’s strange that you can say that to someone out in public and they kind of laugh haha. But if you say Armageddon they look at you like you’re a nutjob. Who cares what the reason is! I want to be prepared!

  2. I might… *might*… have this mentality as well. I might have a stockpile of medical supplies, water tablets (to make it potable), and bottled water. The pantry is the next big challenge, so I’m looking forward to this!

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