The Things I’m Most Afraid Of

There are different levels of things that I’m afraid of. On the most superficial level there are escalators. They really freak me out. Especially if there are several levels of escalators all criss-crossing each other. If you’ve been to Pioneer Place in Portland, Oregon you know what I’m talking about. By… Read More

Klutzy Kid

Arabella broke her arm shortly after the new year and just got her cast off. It’s really odd to me how this one child, the one who is probably the most sedentary of all, is the one who has broken her arm(s) three times. Nobody else has broken anything ever.… Read More

Valentine’s Day is For Chumps

Well, looky here, it’s  Valentine’s Day. When I was younger Valentine’s Day was so incredibly important. Only a naïve young thing would really base the feelings of the person she likes and/or loves on how he behaves on a certain day. But then, that’s who Valentine’s Day is really for–people… Read More

Car Shopping

Mister owns a truck. It’s not the hugest truck but it’s big. Big trucks are fine for the country or even the suburbs but notsogreat in downtown areas. He’s cursed it when he’s worked downtown because it’s rather like being an elephant in a movie theatre. It’s simply too big.… Read More

Mouse in the Trash Can

Finding this in our driveway last week jogged my memory of having a smidge of a mouse problem when we lived in Utah many years ago.   Our house was down the block from a huge vacant lot meadow. As you can imagine the critters living in nature sometimes got… Read More

Red Ribbon Week (whee!)

It’s Red Ribbon Week. Oh joy. I love to rant and rave about how stupid it is (you can read about it here). There is no way that having weird hair/crazy socks/wearing pajamas is going to keep my kids off drugs. That’s the whole point of red ribbon week, right?… Read More