Fess Up Friday–Sofa Cushion Edition

We haven’t had Fess-Up Friday in quite a while. Have y’all missed seeing the shady underbelly of my life? Well, it doesn’t get much shadier than this: my sofa, under the cushion. I was looking for stray kids’ socks (where have they all gone????). You know that the sofa is the Bermuda Triangle of the house, right? I only found one sock but I did find two pencils and 51ยข. Which makes all the crap that I found almost worth it! (A golf ball? Really? How did we never feel that? A surgical glove. No idea where that came from. And of course Legos. Always legos. They’re like the weevils of the toy world.)

under sofa cushions

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3 thoughts on “Fess Up Friday–Sofa Cushion Edition

  1. That’s priceless! I guffawed at the “weevils of the toy world.” I wonder what you would call marbles?

  2. I’m pretty sure talking about your kids having head lice and you killing mice is plenty of seedy underbelly without an official Fess-Up post. But it’s nice to see there’s crap in your couch anyway. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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