Red Ribbon Week (whee!)

It’s Red Ribbon Week. Oh joy. I love to rant and rave about how stupid it is (you can read about it here). There is no way that having weird hair/crazy socks/wearing pajamas is going to keep my kids off drugs. That’s the whole point of red ribbon week, right? To get kids not to take drugs? But this year I’m not feeling quite so irate. It’s true, I did find myself at The-Store-That-Must-Not-Be-Named at 11 pm on Monday buying slippers (“Give drugs the slip!”). But even so, I just kind of shrugged it off.  Today the kids are supposed to wear a shirt with a sports team logo. You might think that’s a no-fail category but when you have a houseful of nerds who don’t like sports, that’s a tall order.  Ada likes the University of Texas Longhorns so she always has something burnt orange to wear. However, Mister and I are BYU alums. It’s not so easy to find BYU shirts in Austin.  And don’t even suggest for a second that we own clothing items from a professional sports team. The mere thought is hilarious.

Yesterday the kids were all talking about the various plans about what to wear for crazy sock day. Jasper mentioned that the Principal of the school never wears anything for red ribbon week, not even a funky hat. “Yeah, she’s not very festive,” Arabella noted. But Ada drew the most obvious conclusion, “I think it’s because she takes drugs.”

Well, there you go.

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9 thoughts on “Red Ribbon Week (whee!)

  1. Ok, mostly I feel bad that your kids have a lame principal. They shouldn’t get to be lame people and work at an elementary school.
    Clearly, I had awesome principals as a kid and my kids do too, LOL.

  2. Laughing my guts out! Love that little Ada!

    I say, if you’re going to force the teachers and the students to wear junk for drug week, the principal should at least participate too! Lead by example lady.

  3. Well, we are onto day four of “wear red week” here in AZ. So far we have had:
    Monday: Wear something red day
    Tuesday: Camouflage day…in case you need to hide in the desert to avoid drugs???
    Wednesday: Black and Orange Day
    Thursday: hang on let me check…Crazy sock day…”Sock it to Drug” (it doesn’t even say Drugs, there’s a typo!)
    Friday: the big finale Crazy Hair Day…Hair’s to a Drug Free Life.

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