The Book Fair

It is time at our Elementary School for the semi-annual book fair. Which I hate. And not just because we are on a very limited budget and the last thing I want to be spending money on is the hardcover version of Super Diaper Baby. I’m just playing; Super Diaper… Read More

I have barely posted anything over the past two weeks. As I mentioned earlier, it’s been a bit busy around here. This is the last week of school and I am both excited (no more early mornings!) and dreading it (Ada and Arabella were driving me insane this morning and… Read More

It’s May–the month that kills.

This is the end of May. Like you didn’t know that. But May is brutal. It is busybusybusy. Much like December, but without being pine-scented. There is the end-of-the-schoolyear everything: Concerts, tournaments, dinners, awards assemblies, concerts, graduations. And teacher gifts. Let’s not forget the angst those cause. Thursday (probably today… Read More

Cake in a Jar

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week! In the past some Room Moms have turned it into more of a Parent Extortion Week with requests for gift cards and hardcover books, but this year we’re keeping it simple. My kids will be doing thank you notes and these lovelies: Red Velvet cake in… Read More

A modest proposal (or Pie not Pi)

I’ve already admitted that I’m a mathist and that I hate all things number-related. Now that my children are getting older and bringing home more complex math assignments, it’s getting harder for me to respond to their whines of “why do we have to dooo thiiiiis?” At least when they… Read More

Dear old golden rule days

I’m back from the Grand Utah Adventure. It was loads of fun but more important things are upon us–namely that today is the first day of school. I was sad for about five minutes. Three of my children are starting new schools (Ada starts kindergarten, Finn starts Middle School and… Read More

The school year draws to a close

Can you believe that school is almost over and I haven’t complained once about all the silly end-of-school activities that are happening? Welp, here it comes. Basically the last two weeks are nothing but fun times. The kids stop learning ten days before school ends because, hey, why not? Who… Read More

The Easter Party

Yesterday was the Easter party at Ada and Jasper’s preschool.  School Parties and I just don’t get along.  There are so many reasons.  Let’s explore: I have six children. Would you want to run any errands with six kids? Neither would I. When the kids are in school I have… Read More