The doll head

A few weeks ago I noticed a weird little pink thing in my driveway. I went and looked at it and it turned out to be a decapitated head from some sort of doll. Random, I thought, that there would just be a doll head with no body in sight.… Read More

I fought the gun and the gun won

Like most earnest and well-educated parents I decided that when I had children we would be “gun-free”. No shooting toys period.* (Except water guns because those aren’t about killing, they’re about laughing. And Nerf guns because, well, I don’t know. They’re just different.) I’ve always preferred my boys to pretend… Read More

Follow the T-Rex, don’t go astray

Do you have a little boy who loves dinosaurs and will be getting baptized soon? If so, I think I have the perfect cake for his special day! Don’t forget to sing everyone’s favorite Primary song, “Jesus Loves the Little Raptors”. (In case you’ve never checked out Cake Wrecks, please… Read More

Grossness on a plane

I realized on the plane to Minneapolis (for this, which is wonderful. At least for the six hours I’ve been here) that I am a mathist. I am biased against people who like math. The man sitting next to me today had a big bunch of printouts with complicated looking… Read More

Hey, funny pants

Every once in a while Mister likes to psyche me out and pretend to have died.  Hilarious, no? There was the time he was trying to fix our washing machine and got a gigantic shock.  “The shock went up one arm and down the other,” he told me. I wasn’t… Read More

Rots of raughs

You know how sometimes you just need a good laugh? is always up to the task.  The Chinese and Japanese grasp on English can be too funny. By Hildie | Filed under Funny, Good Things 8 Comments Share