The Book Fair

It is time at our Elementary School for the semi-annual book fair. Which I hate. And not just because we are on a very limited budget and the last thing I want to be spending money on is the hardcover version of Super Diaper Baby. I’m just playing; Super Diaper… Read More

Children Are Not All the Same.

Today is the 7th birthday of my youngest girl, Adelaide Amelia Clementine.  For her birthday she asked for a skateboard, a Texas Longhorns T-shirt, new tennis shoes, and a basketball hoop that is more her size. Can you say tomboy? (Sweet shot, Ada!) Finn, on the other hand, did not… Read More

Finn and the Urine of Mystery

Today my son Finn is thirteen. That puts the number of teenagers at my house to three.  This is what I didn’t know about kids growing up: the older they get, the more fun they are.  Teenagers are really cool. Much cooler than toodlers and about a jillion times cooler… Read More

A Great Gift Book

Just got my big box o’ presents from Amazon. Both of my older boys put “Funny Books” on their Christmas lists and I think I hit the jackpot with this fantastic one by Terry Border called Bent Objects. It’s a hilarious book of little vignettes made of everyday objects with… Read More

How To Have A Good Halloween

For How-To Tuesday I’m going to tell you how to have a good Halloween. So what if this is entirely non-applicable for another 364 days! You can memorize this list for next year. 1. Carve Jack-o-Lanterns. Roll your eyes when your 10-year-old daughter says that pumpkin guts make her sick.… Read More

Utter Neglect

I have been neglecting this blog very sorely. Part of it is general summer laziness; the fact that our schedule is rather–how shall I put it–fluid. I do the minimum amount of everything needed. The least amount of cooking, the least amount of cleaning, and the least amount of blogging.… Read More

Story Problems for Today’s Mom

Good Gravy, the last few days have been crazy. When did summer get so busy? (Answer: this week.) I thought it might be easier to explain things as story problems, although I always hated them when I was in math class. Instead of figuring out the dumb problems, I always… Read More

This bear counted to infinity. Twice.

My sweet, gentle boy got invited to a birthday party at Build-a-Bear. When I picked him up afterwards he showed me his cute little bear, complete with bows on its ears and tummy. And then he showed me the bear’s birth certificate: You can always tell which kids have older… Read More

The only funny French guy

Have you heard of Remi Gaillard? He’s a hilarious Frenchman who dresses up and does practical jokes. Gather your kids around to watch this clip because you are all going to laugh yourselves silly when you watch him dressed up as a kangaroo. Yes, it sounds stupid. But I had… Read More

Where did Harry and Sally go?

I loved When Harry Met Sally so, so much. Naturally I was excited to see that a sequel was in the works. With Helen Mirren! Check out the preview. Hope you’re not drinking anything because you’re going to laugh! (There are a couple of swears. Sorry!) When Harry Met Sally… Read More