The doll head

A few weeks ago I noticed a weird little pink thing in my driveway. I went and looked at it and it turned out to be a decapitated head from some sort of doll. Random, I thought, that there would just be a doll head with no body in sight.

The next day I spied the doll head again. It was floating creepily in the pets’ water bowl.

I threw it into the garbage can only to find it in the pet’s bowl again the next day. The mystery was quickly solved, though.

Clover has a penchant for doll heads. Or pink hair. Not sure which. But it has made me realize that when there are small creatures around, be they human or animal, strangeness ensues. I have come upon several objects which are pretty odd.

A remote control motorcycle inside of a party hat. In the entry hall. Is it some sort of existential statement?

Scissors. In the pantry. It’s kind of like the kid version of the game Clue. (“Jasper in the pantry with the scissors and a bag of goldfish crackers.”) Scissors anywhere make me very, very nervous. The Cheez-its were already open, so I’m not sure what was going on here.

Teensy red panties. I kept finding these everywhere. Under the table, in the playroom, on the back porch. What kind of tiny and sexy creature would wear these? (I finally found out: they belong to the Build-A-Bear Pony that Grandma bought. What horse doesn’t want saucy underpants?)

I found this note on the floor in the mudroom after the kids cleaned out their lockers. I think this might have been left over from Mother’s Day last year. The question is which one of my little darlings is so sweet and complimentary?

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13 thoughts on “The doll head

  1. Oh, Jennie, that was hilarious.

    Is it bad that I'm now imagining you blogging on the toilet? Why did I ask that. Of course it's bad.

    And I always thought those little ponies were kinda tarty.

  2. So did you write this post on the toilet?

    I am sort of in love with that list and I hope you have framed it in your home.

  3. i have to say: you hooked me with DOLL HEAD.

    p.s. i validate your toilet/blogging time. it's called MULTI-TASKING, people! embrace!

  4. Discovering dollheads, red pony panties, and endearing little notes is pretty much the best part of motherhood, right? Happy belated Mother's Day.

  5. I'm glad you solved the mystery. I love the random things I find around the house.

    I loved the mothers day note. Although I think I'd rather my kids not tell the world about my immense bathroom skills. Looks like you and I could vie for the record there.

  6. Hahaha, boy do your kids have you pegged! Mountain dew and hiding out in the W.C. pretty much sums you up!

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