Have fun in the cold!

Yeah, have fun! Because I’m headed down to Mexico for my birthday cruise. I will be hanging with an elite group of superpowered mothers. We will not cook food, drive anywhere, sort laundry, make beds or listen to quarelling. We will try not to feel too bad about the six hapless husbands left behind to run the gauntlet of field trips, meals, baseball games and birthday parties while we get sunburns and gain back all the weight we’ve lost in the last three months (and hopefully not get kidnapped/beheaded as seems to be all the rage in Mexico these days).

It should be a wonderful way to spend my birthday. See you next week!

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4 thoughts on “Have fun in the cold!

  1. The pink Barbie head thing is too funny. But even without a cat, I have enough kids to have made many very strange found-art discoveries.

    Going on a cruise sounds like such a great idea. Hope you're having fun.

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