Item of the Week–Pasta

Yes, we got mac & Cheese a while ago but this week we’re going to be working on plain old noodles. This includes Ramen. So let’s stock up on your favorites. My family eats this stuff a lot. It’s a great food to have on hand because it requires nothing more than water to prepare. And you all bought spaghetti sauce a while ago too, right?

As I’ve read and watched reports about the aftermath of the Japanese earthquake I’ve noticed that the things people have mentioned relying on the most have been water and Ramen. We’ll be working on water soon. This week let’s get ourselves some noodles. These are cheap, easy, family-friendly food. Get as much as you can stash. Personally we have noodles under everybody’s beds (as well as other food too). It’s better to keep food under the beds than dirty socks, Barbie clothes and fruit snack wrappers.

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3 thoughts on “Item of the Week–Pasta

  1. Score! I am ahead of you! I noticed that my grocery store had some super expensive imported Italian pasta on sale for the price of regular Barilla, so I stocked up.

  2. That, my dear, I have. Just a random thought for you. If we are all stuck eating out food supply–and it tends to lend itself toward canned goods that are really, and random foods–I'm thinking we need some . . . well . . constipation relief in our supply? Research that–I'd like to know what to get besides prunes.

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