Follow the T-Rex, don’t go astray

Do you have a little boy who loves dinosaurs and will be getting baptized soon? If so, I think I have the perfect cake for his special day!

Don’t forget to sing everyone’s favorite Primary song, “Jesus Loves the Little Raptors”.

(In case you’ve never checked out Cake Wrecks, please head over there for some seriously funny cake mayhem.)

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10 thoughts on “Follow the T-Rex, don’t go astray

  1. That was SOOOOOOOOOO FUNNY! Supurb! Who on earth photo-shopped that picture of Jesus? And I'll be he DOES love the little raptors, as un-cuddly as they are! I'm still laughing! Can't stop!

  2. Yay, your photos are working for me again (they weren't the other day).

    The scarf and socks are very pretty.

    I have done some of my prettiest hand embroidery on t-shirts for my kids, which was really dumb because the t-shirts wear out before the embroidery. And now I'm kind of getting to a stage where I'm not patient with it–all the color changes get annoying.

    The baby t-rex is so sweet.

  3. Wow. I didn't realize the Lord was so large. And I'm pretty sure he didn't go looking for the lost T-Rex or they would still be meat eating pests today.

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