My calling: “The Ward Nag”

Yes ma’am, we’re bringing back the Food Storage Item of the Week. Wherefore, you might ask. I wrote this for Segullah on Thursday and thought I might post it here to explain my thinking a little. It’s more of a spiritual nature since it has to do with my job… Read More

Good girl gone bad

I decided we were finally going to do it. Today is the day we were going to be rolling into church 45 minutes late. We are not the super-late kind of people. We might squeak in during the opening hymn, but we’re not those people who blow off all of… Read More

Sister Evangeline’s Dirty Forehead

There is a low-point in everyone’s High School career and mine was Algebra 2 with Sister Evangeline.   I went to an all-girls High School at a Catholic convent despite being a life-long Mormon. About half of our teachers were nuns (who, I was disappointed to find out, did not… Read More

Real live Mormons!

I came across a pretty funny article yesterday. It was in The Brooklyn Paper in Brooklyn, NY (which you can read here).  I doubt it meant to be as funny as it is. The article describes how a Young Adult Ward spent the morning cleaning a local park and the… Read More

Here there be monsters

Finn:  “York told me that there’s a  Chupacabra in the scriptures.”  Me: “Realllllly.  I don’t recall reading that part.” Finn: “Wait, maybe it’s a Kraken that’s in the scriptures.”    Me: “Still not ringing a bell.”   Finn: “A unicorn?” Me: “Sounds like you and your brother need to go… Read More

The Church of Stop Shopping

I am a huge fan of documentaries and will watch just about any of them that hit our local theatres. Last year I saw one called What Would Jesus Buy. At first I thought it might be some sort of a sacreligious thing, but it was actually a fantastic movie… Read More

I’m a windowsill

So our ward at church got split last month. (You may recall my complete foot-in-mouth moment shortly afterwards.)  Mister got a calling the day the ward split was announced (1st counselor in the Elders Quorum).  I am still waiting on one.  Despite all the teasing about getting a Primary calling,… Read More

Insert foot

Last week our ward was split.   My neighborhood plus a couple of others were sliced off of the mother-ward and combined with a few slices of a neighboring ward.  It will be fine, but there were a lot of really great families in our old ward.   Anyway, we… Read More