Good girl gone bad

I decided we were finally going to do it. Today is the day we were going to be rolling into church 45 minutes late. We are not the super-late kind of people. We might squeak in during the opening hymn, but we’re not those people who blow off all of Sacrament Meeting. Are you one of those people? We have several in our ward.

I was incredibly tired last night so I informed Mister of my plan. “I’m going to sleep in tomorrow!” I announced. “I’ve had it with 9 am church. I don’t care how late we are. We’re going to be one of those families that shows up ten minutes before it ends. I’m so excited!”

I felt positively illicit as I went to bed.

Aaaaaaand, I woke up two hours before church started. Full of vim and vigor. And three of the children were already awake.

So apparently the Lord wants me to go to church on time after all.

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7 thoughts on “Good girl gone bad

  1. I am of the personal belief that if you aren't going to come for sacrament, the most important part, then you should take the WHOLE day off.

  2. This is hilarious, Jennie. We were late for sacrament yesterday, actually. It was a messy morning. 9am church stinks!

  3. I will admit when we had 9:00am church we were those people- more often than we should have been. At least we made it to teach our class in primary right? We weren't THOSE people!!! Clearly we have very high standards over here!!

  4. I always try to be naughty and it never works out. Boo. The problem is that I married Mr. Goody-two-shoes and he drags me along, trying to make me behave.

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