Will you come to my funeral?

Pardon me while I commit suicide.  Haagen-Dazs has discontinued my favorite flavor: Fleur de Sel Caramel.  Why? Why?  Why?  Couldn’t they at least have warned me? I would have stockpiled if only I’d known!  Everything on the news has been about recessions and health care when the real issues like discontinuing the best flavor of ice cream ever have gone unannounced.

On a positive note, this will singlehandedly keep my weight at a more pleasant number. All the better to fit in my coffin.

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9 thoughts on “Will you come to my funeral?

  1. That is total crap that they didn't let you know. But you always have their chocolate peanut butter… my favorite.

  2. Yes, I'll come to your funeral on April 6. Perhaps together we can find an ice cream that is ALMOST as good as your favorite, and cause you to leap from that coffin, renewed!

    (Doesn't Tiffster or her significant other have access to the last 3 containers of said ice cream?)

    Or you could visit Oregon, where Tillamook Mudslide actually IS the most delicious ice cream.

  3. It sounds as though we like similar flavors of ice cream. Have you tried Ben & Jerry's Creme Brulee (sp)? Divine. Absolutely divine. Vanilla with crunchy sugary caramel bits running through…

  4. Seriously you are still like the only person I know in Austin. Please don't go offing yourself yet.

    And Walmart in Chandler Arizona has some in stock. I think a call to your family might be necesarry.

    1175 South Arizona Avenue
    Chandler, AZ 85248

    I know you hate Walmart, but you might have to look past it this time.

  5. Sure. I'm assuming you want me to sing "O mio babbnio caro"?

    Can you leave me those cute flower plates in your will?

  6. that is a travesty! I LOOOOVEd that flavor. I have looked for it the last 20 times I've gone to the store, to no avail, but I kept hoping they were just out of stock. Every time. WAH! Thanks for getting me hooked on a temprary ice cream flavor!

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