Two whole years–a giveaway!

You guys!  How could I almost have forgotten?  This week is my two year blogiversary!  I can’t believe I’m still around writing all this crap.  I  guess I am not a quitter.  Actually I have the opposite problem; I stick around long after I should have gone/quit/stopped.   Which is good news for my husband, but not so much for you.  (Just kidding, Honey!)

There’s nothing better than a giveaway to show how grateful I am to all eight of you who comment regularly.

I always give away aprons because hey, who doesn’t love a cute apron?  I just finished this one and I have to say, it’s my favorite I’ve ever made.  I love the bright spring colors.  If this doesn’t cheer you up then your heart is an icy snowball.


I think I’ll give away some of my super-duper skin care stuff this time too.  How about some magic eye salve?  And some lovely lotion?  And some soap?

I usually make some cream cheese brownies too.  What do you think?  Should I give some of those away?  

So leave me a comment.  I do use a random winner-picker, but butt-kissing is always appreciated.

You are welcome to enter if you live overseas, but the brownies will be nasty by the time you get them so I’ll include something else wonderful.  Probably an autographed picture of me.

The giveaway ends Thursday, April 1st at midnight, central time.

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63 thoughts on “Two whole years–a giveaway!

  1. Congrats on two years!! I enjoy all your stories and helpful hints. I am rocking my new lipstick color as I type 🙂

  2. I seriously seriously need this.

    Although I don't really need the brownies.

    But the bags under my eyes need magic potions.

    So pick me!!

  3. I want to win! If you ever need a vacation in the wine country of northern CA you've got a place to stay!!

  4. You are the most beautiful person I know…I love reading your blog. I love hanging out with you…You give the best book recommendations and are so good at loaning out the books…I love your baking and sewing! (Is that enough butt-kissing? I really want to win this time!! (PS I did forget to give you back your book, but how about when I see you at Poteet and the 2nd greatest day of the year?!)

  5. Yay for you! I really like reading what you write! I am very proud of you! Keep it up! I hope this is not a trick since it ends on April Fool's Day!!! Yikes!

  6. Congrats! You are too funny and I miss your quick sarcastic wit more than you know.
    I left a message for Connie from you. It was a beautiful funeral and has been a very tender week.
    I popped by before I go shop for my cute niece's birthday. Payton turns 14 today. I wanted to see what flavor of lipstick (beautiful and grown up) India wears. They (mom and daughters) have lived with us 2.5 years.
    I am a lurker and read your writings…I am glad you have stuck with it and you DON"T write crap! because that would mean I read crap…:")

  7. Count my in…I mean I WAS one of your favorite babysitters, right? And just for the record your family was our favorite to babysit!

    PS I would have never thought you had gone under the knife! We always wanted to look as timeless as you did (and still do I am sure).

  8. Oh, I love my new color on my lips. Thanks for the 'as always' wonderful tip.:)
    I could really use the skin care products. If it comes from you, I know it is the best. Your skin has always been amazing!!!

  9. Arianne always says how AWESOME your brownies are, and realy who could pass up a good brownie. Count me in.

  10. I'm not sure how much undying love and devotion you are looking for, but I'll give it. I have been hearing about these unbelieveable brownies for two years now! And I've even worn color on my lips several times in the last two weeks (which is way more than usual). Since I'm cooking dinner 100% more than this time last year an apron would come in handy. Even though I don't want to admit it, I proly need some magic potion too…

  11. Pick me!!How wonderful would it be to receive some one of a kind "Jennie" stuff!! You know I would tell everyone that you made it and just how fabulous you are! Keep writing, because I think you are very cleaver and funny!

  12. Woohoo! Congrats on 2 years of blogging! I say you should pick me because my life out here in the middle of crazy is sooo lonely and boring that getting stuff in the mail is one of the only things that perks up my days is something in the mail. I buy too much online because I"m so miserable – I need a free surprise!! 🙂

  13. Congratulations! That is very cool! Brownies would be great, since it is already getting HOT in Arizona and I refuse to use my oven for a couple months.

  14. Oh yes! An apron, some brownies and some more yummy soap that looks like it is a baked treat.

    I want to win!!

  15. I might sue you for a new computer since I drooled all over my keyboard reading your list of prizes. I want all of them. I want. I WANT! WAAAAAAA!

    Oh, and have I mentioned how ravishing you look today? Really! Have you lost weight?

  16. Reading your blog reminds me that I might be normal when my kids get a little older and if not at least I can be pretty! Thanks for the lip color tip.

  17. If I win I could just settle for the brownies and rub them under my eyes in lieu of the eye cream. I bet it would have similar benefits, plus if I wake up in the middle of the night and need a little snack, hey! I've got something right there under my eyes!

  18. We love reading your blog. Just not good at leaving comments. Sorry! We miss your fun, spunky personality up here in Oregon.
    love, Kate, Jessica, Emily and Danielle. Check out Jessica and my Photography bussiness blog at

  19. This will be a startling comment. .
    . . DON'T CHOOSE ME!
    (And, by the way, great way to get 26 hits in one day!)

    I still love that old British Flag apron you gave me 12 years ago, and I'm too much on a diet to eat your fantasmagoric brownies!

    Perhaps I'll save my off-the-diet-day for April 6 when I arrive, stick a candle in a brownie, and call it "HAPPY BLOGDAY TO YOU," and "Merry REAL Christmas!"

    I love your blog! It's a highpoint of every day you write!

  20. Congrats on your 2 years!

    I used the Pullman Bread Pan today – and it was wonderful!

    And for your intro to me to Flylady!

    P.s. love aprons!

  21. Ha ha ha… look how many comments you get on -this- entry, eh? XD

    Two years? I didn't know you'd been at is so long. Way to be. Now write a book.

  22. Happy Blogiversary! I am new to your blog, but I love what I have read … and such a fun giveaway. You are incredibly talented!

  23. I don't know what counts as butt kissing and when the line between that and stalking blurs, but seriously, you often get me through the day. I think I should clean up in case Jennie stops by, or Jennie would love that, I should get it! I have even referred to you as my almost friend Jennie when talking with people who work at Life Time Fitness in Austin.

    I so need the help and encouragement right now!

  24. I would love to win that GORGEOUS apron! What the heck I would love to win anything. Congrats on the blogaversary!

  25. If only I lived overseas…. then I would have an autographed pic of my fav blogger/baker/apron maker of all time! Please, please pick me! You know I adore/worship your aprons! (I will also throw in the little tidbit that my son is your son's friend!) 😉

  26. That apron is divine and the brownies as well.

    Butt-kissing. I will just do it like it is. Here, I am putting on my red lipstick, pull down your pants and show me your skinny left butt cheek. Here, I am kissing it.


  27. Please let me win. I need some good Karma to come back around to me right now! PLEASE. Your pretty PLEASE!

  28. Yay for being an international commenter! And BTW, your 8 commenter idea just exploded =)

    And as I already have your awesome brownie recipe, and hope you'll be making them for the retreat, I'll just say Happy Blogbirthday!

  29. Wow, I do a giveaway and get five comments. Your apron is a lot more attractive than a collection of short stories . . . 🙂

  30. After trying your chocolate chip cookie recipe (which is by the way the best in the world)… I really Need to try your brownies! And a new apron would just be the icing on the cake 🙂

  31. You only started this blog 2 years ago? Where were you hiding before that?!

    I like your blog, and I want to win your prize.

  32. I just want to say that I can't believe you already have 46 people commenting on this! wow. I'm impressed. And if it weren't another 4 weeks until I could eat those brownies, I'd want to win desperately. As it is, I do want that cute apron pretty close to desperately.

  33. Jennie, I can't outdo Jen in the sucking up department, but I'll do my best to express my inner most feelings regarding your talents. You're quite an amazing baker, as I've taste tested many of your successes. You photograph those moments nicely too, and then are willing to share it with the world. That's very kind. I like that about you. And you make the cutest aprons with lovely fringe, ribbon, and awesome prints. It's a gift you have, a natural sense of eclectic, colorful style. You are reliable too. That means a lot to me and you've come through for me on many occasions. Your blog is steady. I can always count on it for shock value and entertainment. You write well too. Congratulations on your blog success. Lovingly your friend always, Kelly

  34. Do I get to be counted as a "regular" visitor, or am I in the here and there category?

    I think that I am up for the challenge of giving some well deserved praise so here we go. You know that I love your blog, I find myself here many times a day( just check your live traffic feed) especially while I am trying to figure out how to beautify myself with lipstick.

    I very much enjoy your writing, and your clever wit, I have found myself close to tears more than once while reading your articles in Segulla.
    You are the prettiest celebrity that I have ever met, and you look great in photos and in person, no wonder they chose you for the t.v. interview.
    You are pretty much a household name around here and on any given day my kids are bound to ask if they can go to "Miss Jennie's".

    Basically I think that you are pretty fantastic and there is nothing that I know of that you can't do, plus I think it would be fun to have an apron that I didn't have to make.

    I think that this give away has taken the cake on seeing who your true friends/ lurkers are. By the by you are at 50 comments now.

  35. Yeah for two years! I have enjoyed your Segullah posts and comments enough to come blog stalk when I can.

    I have never been big on aprons in the past, though I have wished lately that I had a really cute one. Crossing my fingers that I will get to wear yours. And it's my birthday this week, so it would be like an extra gift!

  36. Thanks so much for Tweeting this since I've been too swamped in Birthday Month, part 1 (parts 2 and 3 are in June and July) to read blogs lately. (Also I've been too addicted to stupid Twitter.) But I would have been sad to miss a chance at these things, especially the gorgeous apron.

  37. Love this apron. It's so cheery and beautiful. Nice job!

    Found your blog earlier this week and have spent waaay too much time reading back entries. It's a great blog, really inspiring.

  38. dang it! i am too late 🙁

    do you sale your potions yet? i would love to get some.

    i am such a blog stalker! you crack me up. thanks for the entertainment. oh and i will take some of those brownies sometime! 🙂

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