Makeup Monday–concealer (part deux)

Ok, Ok, so it’s Tuesday.  But some of you had a few questions about concealer that I thought I’d answer.  Concealer isn’t a necessity.  You might not even need it.  It’s just for covering up odds and ends on your face that are less desirable.  But if, like me, you have chronic dark circles or a big red splotch or zits then concealer is something you wear everyday (or at least once in a while).  If you are just wanting to even out your skin tone or make your skin look better all over, then you will use foundation (which we will be talking about in the next couple of weeks).  I use both.  

Some experts recommend buying concealer that is a shade lighter than your skin but I think that ends up looking like a reverse raccoon.  I feel it’s best to find a concealer than matches your skin color exactly.  This is especially important if you’ll be wearing your concealer over the top of your foundation.  Some people like it better under their foundation, but I prefer wearing it over the top.  It’s easy to wipe some of the concealer off if you are rubbing foundation over the top of it.  I put the concealer on after my foundation then set it with powder.  Some concealers come with powder (Sonya Krashuk and Bobbi Brown for example) but I use one powder to set all my face makeup. We’ll talk about powder in the next couple of weeks too.  It’s not a necessity, so don’t worry if you don’t have any. Yet.

You can test your concealer/foundation color on your wrist, but honestly there’s no better way to see if it’s the right color than to try it right on your face.  You want to pick the same color as your skin, otherwise there will be a tell-tale line where your make-up ends and your real skin starts.  I completely remember this as a teenager when drug store make-up only came in yucky orangish hues.  

Many stores offer a return policy on makeup (even the cheap ones), so be sure to ask when you buy. Don’t be afraid to try something new!

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2 thoughts on “Makeup Monday–concealer (part deux)

  1. I have a hard time finding my exact shade. I'm either slightly darker or slightly lighter than my concealer. But I'd rather have my concealer by lighter so I look more fresh faced than darker, where I look like I am trying to be tan. Blech!

  2. Can I make a request? Is there any way you can do an eye shadow application tutorial? I would love that!

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