The many faces of Jennie

I got a little carried away with PhotoBooth today. 

“You had better clean up those crayons/blocks/goldfish crackers NOW”

“3:00???  The kids will be home in five minutes!”
“What shall I have for breakfast this morning?  Cookie dough or Pringles?”

“Arianne, you are never going to believe what Mom said now!”

“Teach Cub Scouts tomorrow?  Uh. Um. Suuuure.”

“Yes, honey, I would love for your parents to stay with us for two weeks.”

“I wonder if I could find that cheaper on ebay.”

“If I have to wash one more dish I’m going to pull all my hair out.”

“Holy mother of pearl, that Visa statement can’t be right!  I think they must have added a zero.”

“Jasper can’t possibly be up from his nap already.”

“Dent? What dent? I’ve never seen that before. I’m sure I would have noticed if I’d run into something. Of course I’m not lying to you.”
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18 thoughts on “The many faces of Jennie

  1. I have to say those are some pretty convincing faces. I have pulled a few of those myself…namely the visa face.

  2. You look so cute!!! And so young. What have you done to yourself? Also, I absolutely LOVE your hair like that, shorter and dark. It’s fantastic!

  3. You, you, you are the cutest thing ever!!

    Loved the faces and your skin is gorgeous….must be all that warm humid Texas weather…

  4. I took all the pictures in Photobooth, which is just the camera feature on my computer. So they’re all self portraits, which explains the high quality.

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