Those little fools

Anybody care for a fried egg and toast? 

 I mean marshmallow fluff with lemon pudding and misshapen angel food cake? (sadly I have a hard time cutting bread nicely, so my kids are used to funky-looking bread. They didn’t even bat an eye.)

Happy April Fools!  

Now I’m trying to find an old pregnancy test to give to mister for his surprise (yes, I have old positive tests in my bathroom drawer.  I’m sentimental that way!)

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12 thoughts on “Those little fools

  1. I put rubber chickens in the boys snack bags today. And for dinner I’m making individual meatloafs that look like cupcakes. I am going to print out your idea and file it away to use next year. I love that idea, thanks for sharing!

  2. How clever. I didn’t do anything for breakfast, I was just trying to get Gwen ready for school, that was enough for me.

    I bet your kids thought that was so great. Good luck with the pregnancy test, I tried that one on James one year and he was so excited I felt bad and realized that he is not a good candidate for that trick.

  3. On the other hand, your own Mister will probably have a massive heart attack when you show him the positive pregnancy test, and then you will have to find some way to support your 6 children without a living wage-earner.

    DARLING eggs and toast! What did they think?

  4. So how did it go over??? Were they fooled? I did an April Fools meal for BigK a few years ago, but I couldn’t think of anything this year.

  5. Niiiiiice

    One year a few years back (when I was preggo and my sister wasn’t but her hub had been snipped) she had me send her a positive test.

    She totally fooled him. HE FLIPPED OUT!

  6. Sorry to say we were traveling and I was too exhausted to try anything last night.

    How are those aprons coming?
    hee. hee.

  7. I just realized “try anything last night” could be interpreted many different ways…LOL. I was referring to an April Fool’s Day joke, naturally…

  8. jennie–STILL reading.
    STILL adore you.
    STILL think you are genius.

    it wounds like i’m trying to get to second base with you.

    okay, i AM.

  9. That egg looked real and was so funny. But more funny still was the pregnancy test. Did he laugh or cry?

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