Things I’ve learned this week:

–Don’t wash all your bras at the same time. They take a lot longer to dry than you think! (Didn’t I learn this back in middle school? Guess not.) Sorry everybody at SuperTarget for hanging free and loose!

–Don’t be so picky about your bras because then you won’t have very many. Why are front-closures not more popular? Who wants that big old hook thing on her back?

–Ruffles Light chips (half the calories and zero fat) are pretty darn good.

–I would love to bake and do crafty things all day long and leave the cleaning and laundry to somebody else. (Could be a sister-wife, but I’d rather have a live-in cleaning lady. Preferably one who speaks no English so we wouldn’t become friends and then I’d feel weird ordering her around.)

–Buying things online makes me very happy (but I actually learned that a long time ago).

–If you go to Enrichment (which you also planned, decorated and cooked for), the Blue and Gold Cub Scout Banquet, Activity Day and Stake Conference (Saturday and Sunday) you will be thoroughly churched out. (Note to self: don’t become the wife of a General Authority.)

–It is possible to put in too much “hair shine”.  After a certain point hair stops looking glossy and just looks greasy.

–I love Texas in February (the birds are wintering here and singing their little hearts out, and the weather is fine.)

–Mister’s camera (Nikon D40X) is way nicer than mine (boring old Fuji something-or-other).  He has all sorts of lenses and things too. He rarely uses it so I think it will disappear from his clutches for good.

–Sometimes showers feel better than sleeping.
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7 thoughts on “Things I’ve learned this week:

  1. I don’t think that you can be too picky about your bra if you are shopping for them at Target. Why did you plan on going somewhere if you put all of them in the wash? Or maybe you are trying out a new look.

    James’ work has an awesome camera that I think should disappear into my hands forever. Oh well maybe I will just rent out yours, or Misters, have you taken it yet or are you in the process?

    Just let me know if you want me to borrow it. I am sure that I can take pictures of my crying kids.

  2. I gave up my bra in 1977 – guess I was reeeeeally picky!

    What I learned this week:

    How to start food storage in a not so oeverwhelming way – from your blog!
    How do you keep the rotation going?
    How do you know when to start doing more than 3mo?
    Recipes for what you got – it is a little different than regular eating.
    What do you do about meat?
    I am new to this. Help!
    Suggest a book too?

    Thank you – traci

  3. What’s wrong with bras that fasten in front? The fact that the wearer keeps getting fatter and thinner, and one setting does not fit “all.”

  4. Also, I think a long hot shower is at the pinnacle of modern civilization’s purest pleasures. It’s even better if you’re sitting on a plastic bench or chair, as I found out once when I was recovering from foot surgery, and had to shower sitting down. Nirvana to the 10th power! Beats a spa tub by miles! (I wore a plastic bag over my foot, duct-taped around the ankle.) It was also rather fun to go to the mall with my children, having them push me everywhere in a wheel chair. Shopping in total comfort!

  5. I would trade you cooking and baking (not crafting that – I like to do) for housecleaning ANYDAY. I don’t mind cleaning… I am obsessed with it! But I do speak English and I live too far away for a trade to work. Someday … if we are neighbors then count me in!

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